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22 Sept 2010

Bedroom Tour!

Hey! Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I've been trying to sleep lots and recover from this horrible cold/chest infection/fainting thing I've had (if you follow me on twitter, I'm sure you'll be bored of my moaning!)

I saw a feature on YouTube where this girl did a bedroom tour (sorry I can't remember who's channel) but I thought it was really interesting in a Big Brother type way. I don't have a video camera or YouTube channel so I'm going to do this with photos - I hope it works!

I know the photos are too big for my blog layout, but I think they look better big so please forgive my inept-ness at using computers and being a technophobe!

My room is in the attic of my parent's house at the moment. I really love it! So here's the view when you walk in the door:

As you can see, my room is pale blue with cream furniture (I spent a whole summer one year painting my horrible old pine furniture and turning it into this!)

Can't resist a close-up of my ted!

His name is Dr. Monkey and I got him from my parents when I had my spine operation 6 years ago. I love him! 

If you look to the left...

and here's a close up of my desk

I have little Muji stackable drawers for storing my makeup, my Liz Earle products (I still love them) and my favourite perfumes - Marc Jacobs Daisy and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

This is my view out the velux window - I can see the Spinnaker Tower!

Facing the other direction, this is what the other half of my room looks like:

Not as pretty! Yes I am 22 and still have some childhood teddies. I can't get rid of them though! I also have my amazing snuggly dressing gown I got from TK Maxx a couple of months ago which I love. The pictures on the shelf are all by family and friends:

The one on the left is of cyclamen by my nan, the one in the middle was by my old housemate Rachel - it's so good! And the one on the right is of Weymouth highstreet, also by my nan.

So that's the end of the tour. Hope it wasn't too boring!



  1. Great post, i'm so nosey i love looking at peoples rooms. Love how you painted the furniture it looks great xx

  2. awww love this post! :D your room is super tidy and pretty! If i ever did a room tour it would have to undergo a major cleanup session to look at all presentable :P

    We were thinking of converting the attic into a room but uh, having said that, no monies as of yet :p bro argued it would be irritating to keep opening/closing the attic trap door LOL ^.^''

    Heheee, dr monkey <3 xxx

  3. Cool post Lauren. You have a lovely room and it's very tidy too ! I have to agree with Nicoletta about your painted furniture.

    Rachelle Xxx

  4. you room looks so adorable!! love the big window over the bed and the desk/make-up table and also the picture frames! very pretty! ;)

  5. I absolutely love this! It totally appeals to my nosey side. I love the way your make up and products are all neatly arranged on your dressing table. All of mine are stuffed in a huge drawer, which has become like a blackhole -what products get chucked in don't usually find their way back out! :S lol x x

  6. I love how neat and fresh your room is, especially compared to mine!
    I agree with the girls above, the furniture looks much better painted! :)

    Jess xx

  7. your room is so nice - neat, light-filled, cozy! i love it. and the view is fantastic too! thanks for sharing! :D

    <3, Mimi

  8. You have a great room! Thanks for sharing. I love how much light you have in there. :)

  9. this is such a cool post and your room is awesome :) your uber tidy too my kinda girl :) i love how you still have all your sentimental things in there teddies etc. So what you're 22 you can still have some little child hood memories, my room is covered in me 2 u bears :D

    love your blog - really cute, friendly and girly.



  10. im doing a room tour too soon, i love being nosy :)
    your room is incredibly tidy! x

  11. Aw love your room! So pretty:)
    This is such a good idea for a post, i think i'll do a bedroom tour too

  12. Great post, your room is so pretty! Just went back and read your scoliosis post, so glad that you have regained your confidence!

  13. You must be near my house?

    I can see the spinniker from my house. Well I could if a few high rises wernt in the way. hehe

    Emma x.x.x

  14. Your room is lovely. Didn't know you lived near the Spinnaker Tower - my boyfriend lives in Fareham so I'm kind of near you sometimes, hah :)


  15. oh my gosh we live in the same area, lovely room btw :)




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