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17 Sept 2010

Adverts enhanced with lash inserts...

I just saw this advert for Rimmel's new Lash Accelerator mascara on TV and I actually laughed out loud. Why? Because the frankly stunning Zooey Deschanel was wearing lash inserts and had been enhanced in post-production but it made her look RIDICULOUS!

Here are the pictures from the advert:

Do you agree that it looks crazy? Firstly, everyone knows that mascara cannot do this to your eyelashes! NO mascara ever has been able to do this to someone with normal eyelashes pre-mascara! If you have a quick google of any other bloggers who review this, you will see that this result is not what you will achieve! Also, don't you think it makes her look like she has big hairy caterpillars on her eyelids?

Sorry for the rant but adverts which show how makeup makes you look should be honest. That's why I look at beauty blogs to get a true idea of what products to buy and what results I may get from them.



  1. I hate these false adverts too, why bother promoting a product if you don't even show the product?! It's ridiculous and it also riles me how Hair adverts are the same - 'Cheryl Cole, styled with some natural extensions' GAH x

  2. Hershley's Sweet KissFri Sept 17, 07:43:00 pm BST

    i hate false ads! just the other day i saw an add for a hair dye but the woman was obviously wearing a synthetic wig...and yes those lashes look crazy


  3. Helen [In Elegance]Fri Sept 17, 08:52:00 pm BST

    I hate these adverts too and I really think Zooey has sold out doing one.

  4. I hate adverts like this. Her lashes look ridiculous! I have this mascara and really like it as a mascara but am very sceptical about the claim that it actually makes your lashes longer. Imagine if a similar product was invented for hair...we'd all look like Cheryl Cole and would have no need for "some natural extensions"! x

  5. You mean they weren't achieved just with mascara?? Really?!? How stupid to Rimmel think we are? Those lashes are ludicrous...poor Zooey looks like she's got small furry black creatures stuck to her eyelids! :)

  6. I laughed when you said 'big hairy caterpillars', very true, i agree with you totally!


  7. Big hairy caterpillers is exactly what I thought when I saw that advert!!

  8. Ughh - not attractive at all!! Gross.


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  9. False advertisement! That's ridiculous! :s

  10. They are totally done in post, and they look awful too. Her eyes move, and the lashes kind of move after.


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