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12 Aug 2010

Lauren Loves - May's Charity Blog Sale


It's just 24 hours now until the first Beauty Bloggers Charity Blog Sale, hosted by the wonderful May! And I am lucky enough to be involved!

For the blog sale, I have designed and made a one-off, handmade dress. Here's a sneaky preview to interest you

What do you think?! I'd better go take some more pictures for tomorrow!

Other items in the sale include jewellery, personalised blog headers, nail art, and goodies from many more companies and other lovely bloggers. All money raised goes to ECPAT and The Eve Appeal.

Hope you are around to spend some money for a good cause, and get something out of it!



  1. Ooh you little tease!! I can't quite believe the sale is tomorrow, I'm so excited! xxx

  2. thanks for sharing and love the post below really made me LOL xxxxxx

  3. I'm definately going to be participating tomorrow! Love the sneaky peak! Millie xxx


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