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18 Aug 2010

I've got a job! Office Fashion

Sorry for the lack of blogging - my blogging camera (i.e. my boyfriend's very expensive, professional camera) has run out of charge and the charger is at my boyfriends!

In other news: Eek! I've got a job! My first ever, grown-up job and it's my dream job too! I'm so happy and excited and totally terrified! Mostly excited though!

When a new situation presents itself, I can't help but to think of fashion straight away. I know I will probably end up in boring black, navy and white shirts but before I start, I can dream of office fashion shows and cutting edge tailoring!

Here is my polyvoe idea (because I haven't polyvore-ed for a while)
White bow sleeve shirt
14 GBP - dorothyperkins.com

Tapered Hareem Trousers
$70 - topshop.com

Pearl necklace - birthday present

$139 - tous-shop.com

Black rectangle skinny belt
5 GBP - dorothyperkins.com

Vanilla Paris Black Croco Bertie
£99 - vanilla-paris.co.uk

What do you think? Do you like it? Maybe when I start I'll do a few OOTD with my real work wear!




  1. I LOVE this outfit! Super polished and lovely, the shoes in particular catch my eye ^__^ xxx

  2. Awesome outfit!! Love the shoes =D xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit, smart & trendy definately a winner x

  4. Something tells me the *office fashion* statement you'll be making with heels and sparkles will be lost on people who want to kill themselves/have tried to kill themselves. When I got my first office job I was all excited by what I could wear too but after a week the novelty wears off and you get sick of wondering if your skirt is too short or top too casual.

  5. PS. I do like the outfit though! Shame the bag is out of my budget I've been looking for one like that for a while. x

  6. @ Hamburgerlar - Haha! I didn't say I will actually be wearing stuff like this! I'm sticking to flat shoes for comfort and long skirts! xxx

  7. u mean ur not going to miss wearing a lovely green polo shirt with a web address accross ur backside! i am most shocked!! xxxx

  8. Congrats on the job :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  9. Helen [In Elegance]Wed Aug 18, 06:32:00 pm BST

    CONGRATS on the job!

    Great outfit, I thing once you've worked there a while you'll get to know the people and environment and know what outfit will be suitable. There's so many different styles of longer skirts, trousers, capris and I'm sure you could still wear colourfull patterns.


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