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About Lauren

Hi, I'm Lauren. By day I'm a Psychologist, but by night (and weekends!) I'm a blogger. I live in Bournemouth but I'm from Portsmouth originally.

My blog is dedicated to all my favourite things - makeup, fashion, hair, beauty, baking, lifestyle, decorating and animals! I started blogging back in early 2010 and have continued throughout my psychology training. My new, favourite topics are wedding planning (we get married in June 2019!) and renovating our Victorian home. 

I live with my partner Sam, a little Miniature Pinscher called Teddy and a grumpy old cat called Button 

My reviews and opinions are all my own and honest, and all products are bought (or made) by me unless I state otherwise.

I love to blog about reviews of beauty products such as makeup and skincare, videos on hair styling, outfit posts, recipes and other lifestyle things. I also do the odd post about my life such as my experience of having Scoliosis Surgery 

I love hearing from readers and other bloggers! If you want to contact me about anything, my email is lauren@laurenlovesblog.com or you can contact me via twitter Instagram or facebook. Please remember that all my posts are created by me, and so therefore are subject to copyright. If you’re inspired by a post or want to use a picture, please email me and let me know.

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