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1 Jul 2020

Chunky Lempi Jumper Knitting Lesson 1: the gauge swatch

Hello all and welcome to our first knitting lesson for the Lempi Sweater. As a reminder, if you would like to join our Knit Along (called a KAL in the knitting world!) then you need to check out my last blog post here for the instructions on what kit to buy. 

Our first step is to knit a gague swatch. This tells you if the needles and yarn you've picked, and your knitting style, will lead to the finished item being the size you want it to be. When we knit things like toys and hot water bottle covers, this isn't so important, but when we make clothes it's very important. This jumper already has a bit of extra room in the body, so if your swatch is bigger than 10cm, your jumper will be bigger! 

I've made a video to talk you though it:

Happy knitting!


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