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14 Nov 2019

Dying My Copper Hair and Keeping It + The Fade Out

At the beginning of August, I went to my hairdressers April Scott Hair in Southampton. I had just got married and like most of my married friends I wanted a whole new look. Rather than have the traditional wife hair chop, I decided to go ginger!

I thought I would share with you my journey so far - how I kept the copper colour for 2 months, and then what it has faded to after a month of using normal shampoo and conditioner. The journey involves a lot of selfies and non-edited or posed photos!

When I first had it done, the colour was a lovely, intense copper

This is the colour in mid-September while we were in America

Starting to get some roots!

To keep it red I have been using this combo:
1. I washed my hair with a colour safe shampoo to get all the dirt out. 
2. I did a second wash with Infuse my colour copper shampoo - this shampoo adds lots of colour but is quite drying so I had to use an oil when I dried my hair. I mixed it with Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Blush Wash in Apricot to add more pink tones to the copper. I left it on while I washed and shaved my legs
3. I then used John Frieda Radiant Red Conditioner and again left it on while I washed all the red splashes off the walls of the shower and enjoyed a soak. 

After 2 months, the colour had lasted well

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How I've kept my hair colour ❤️ When I first went ginger I was told by a lot of red heads that it's the hardest colour to keep. Apparently red dye just washes put really quickly. I spoke to some red headed friends and did some extensive online research and started using: @infusemycolour_official shampoo in copper mixed with @schwarzkopfprouk blush wash in apricot for pinkier tones. Leave that on while I shave my legs and wash my body. Then use @johnfriedauk radiant red conditioner and leave that on while I wash all the red splashes off the shower walls! I find the infuse my colour shampoo quite drying and I know @rachus (a fellow ginge) does too so you might need an oil when drying your hair. The photos are on the day it was done. In early August, and again at the end of September. I wash my hair every 3 days and it seems to have really helped keep the colour. . . . #aprilscotthair #aprilscott #redhead #redhair #ginger #gingerhair #gingerlife #infusemycolour #schwarzkopfblushwash #schwarzkopf #johnfrieda #johnfriedaradiantred #hair #haircolor #haircolouring #bournemouthbloggers #bournemouthinfluencer #bournemouth @bournemouthbloggers @aprilscotthair #copper #copperhair
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In early October, I stopped using the shampoo to see how it faded out. My roots were getting really long and they're not that red so I wanted to blend my roots a little better. I have an appointment for late November with April so I thought I'd fade it out so we could see what colour it really was without me adding dyes and toner. 

This is the last month in order. I wash my hair every 3 days with Aussie colour safe shampoo and conditioner.

(today when I snuck off to the toilets to take an update photo) Scuse my foundation free face!

Overall, I've loved being a red head! I'm so pleased that I think it suits me and I can;t wait to get my copper locks back again next week. If you find anything that helps keep your copper from fading then please do let me know! My next job is going to MAC for a makeup lesson when I'm back to being ginge so I can learn what colours suit me as none of my blushes, eyeshadows or lippies quite work anymore. 

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