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24 Nov 2019

Date night outfit: Flattering Leopard Wrap Dress

Last night, Sam and I treated ourselves to a date night. We haven't been out together in ages, so decided to go into Bournemouth. It was a wet, rainy night! I also had the great excuse of having had my hair freshly done that morning, so I needed to wear my hair out!

I wore my lovely new leopard print wrap dress which is so flattering and comfortable (despite having had a huge pulled pork burger before going out!). I am aware that in leopard print with red hair, I look a lot like Pebbles Flintstone, but I'm ok with that!

Quick side note: How do other bloggers cope taking photos in the winter?! I've had to colour correct everything to make it seem less orange and dark which is really frustrating

This lovely dress is from ANGELEYE, a brand I had not heard of before. They contacted me and kindly offered to gift me a dress. This is the Cream Leopard Print Dress and is £38. It's so comfortable and I love the flounce on the bottom of the dress which makes it really floaty and feminine. Sometimes with wrap dresses, they fall apart when I sit down and flash my pants! This has a good amount of wrap fabric and keeps my dignity despite how many cocktails I had last night!

I paired the dress with my very old rose gold heels from ASOS. These ones are very similar but look slightly easier to walk in! 

If you're in the market for your Christmas party dress, I'd definitely check them out. They have some lovely bits like this floral suit, this navy floral satin wrap dress, or this 20s inspired beaded mini dress

We had a great night, but we were home fairly early. We're so old these days! This morning, as I write this, I can confirm that I do have a slight hangover and I'm enjoying snuggling with Teddy dog on the sofa, watching the new episodes of The Crown!


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