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24 Apr 2019

Making a flower crown with Crafts and Giggles #BournemouthBloggers

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to Crafts and Giggles in Poole with Bournemouth Bloggers to learn how to make our own flower crowns.

It was a challenging process - definitely a good one for hen dos if you are sober and don't have any kids! It requires a lot of concentration, but with guidance like we had from Katie it's definitely manageable to make something lovely.

We started with a selection of lovely faux flowers. I chose a creamy colour scheme and greenery because it's my hen do at the weekend and I wanted to make something I could potentially wear on the weekend! 

We then had to wrap a piece of wire around our heads to measure it. It was floristry wire and had brown fabric wrapped around. We had to leave a little on either end to wrap the crown up. 

We then chose our flowers and popped them into groups or 2 or 3 and wrapped together with fine floristry wire and placed them around the crown shape.

Maria from Mrs Enchanting World concentrating hard

When we had them all positioned as we wanted them, we had to use the wire to tie them to the headband. this was again quite hard on the fingers! We then used a sticky green florist tape to wrap neatly around the band, pulling in the wire and ends of the flowers as we went so you couldn't see anything 

Look at us! Fab crowns! Top row Emma from Emma's Favourite Things, Maria from Mrs Enchanting World, me, Magda from My Life in Bournemouth
Bottom row: Emma from Even Angels Fall, Ali from Ali's Upside Down World and Ciara from Tea Time with Ciara

The session was really fun! Plus we got lots of cookies and cups of tea while we did it. I found it a really fun way of passing the morning, with chat, treats and crafts. It was also great to come away with something which I made myself and was really proud of! It would be a great hen do thing to do, or something to do with groups.


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