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30 Dec 2018

Wedding planning - picking bridesmaids dresses

Wedding planning is in full swing! We're just under 6 months away so we've got to get on with the list. In the last couple of weeks we've sorted our wedding rings, the decorations and flowers, the invites... and we already have loads booked into January like send out invites, pick Sam's suit, pick mum's dress, give our notice to the registrar and try out the menu! We're also going to be making our own wedding cake with help from Sam's aunty so lots on. I'd love to blog loads about my wedding, but equally I don't want to give away some of the surprises! 

The task this week is getting the bridesmaids dresses sorted. We wanted blues - particularly cornflower and light blues for our wedding as the colour - here's the mood board 

We liked the mixture of blues with other lovely spring/early summer colours like blush flowers, lavender and ivory. 

Once we had the idea of colours sorted, I assumed it would just be a case of ordering blue dresses, but it turns out our colour was quite hard to get. We looked on ASOS and all the other usual highstreet websites and in shops but the colour or cuts weren't quite right. I started looking online and dress makers who were recommended by bridal facebook groups. We got lots of swatches ordered. (The photos I've taken don't show the colours how they are in real life!)

We started by ordering a dress from crystal dresses. They had excellent reviews on Facebook bridal groups and looked lovely. It came made to measure with a lace up corset back and cost around £40. 

The dress arrived about a month later. It was very pretty and fitted one bridesmaid Beth very well. However the dress was too light blue, and the I felt the quality was poor. The top was lots of layers of chiffon, but the skirt was only one layer with a really shiny lining. You could see the shine popping through on the skirt and under flash photography it glowed! 

We next looked at Tulle & Chantilly, but the swatches again weren't right. The blues were too grey (I sound so fussy) and the real photos on Instagram didn't look that well made

Finally we ordered swatches from MixBridal and Vinibelle. The websites looked strangely similar and had some of the same colours so I emailed them who confirmed they were actually the same parent company. The companies have different styles of dresses and some different colours from each other.

The quality of the dresses is something I know about - one of my bridesmaids Jen had Mix Bridal dresses for her wedding where I was a bridesmaid and Sam was a best man! 

We were torn between two colours, cashmere blue and blue topaz so we looked at their real weddings photos

Cashmere blue: Lovely colour, but probably too pale for us compared to the mood board
Blue Topaz: seems to fit the theme! 

We're now waiting for the bridesmaids to give us their measurements and we can order the dresses. We're going for the made to measure option which is around £90 a dress. They say they're on sale right now, but they seem to have been on sale forever! 

What have I learnt about buying bridesmaid dresses? Definitely check out Facebook wedding pages for ideas of where to go and check out ASOS and highstreet places with a free return policy first. If you are going to go the made to measure route like we are, then spend hours looking at everything on the company's Facebook, Instagram and through googling for real wedding photos to see how they look. Also, it doesn't hurt to start early and buy a test dress if you have the budget to potentially go wrong! Remember though if you order a test dress, when you order the others later they might be a different batch number and the dyes may be slightly different. 


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