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9 Sept 2018

Cosy Club Cocktail Masterclass #BournemouthBloggers

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to the Cosy Club with other Bournemouth Bloggers to have a cocktail masterclass. I was super nervous to go along and meet other bloggers, but as someone new to Bournemouth I knew I needed to take the chance and go out and meet potential new friends! Luckily everyone who went was absolutely lovely

We arrived to yummy prosecco cocktails with rose petals in (delicious, gorgeous, hard to drink around the petals!) I'd had a long day at work, so being greeted with cocktails was very warmly welcomed by me!

Outfit details
Jeans - Levis 501
Crop white shirt - ASOS
Red Bag - Cath Kidston 

I got chatting so some lovely bloggers straight away - Emma from Emma's Favourite Things, Molly from Blondie Wanderlust and Kelly from Mama of a Cool Kid took me under their wings and we had a lovely time getting to know each other and our very different blogging styles and topics. 

Cosy Club was its usual gorgeous self - it's one of Sam and my favourite bars in Bournemouth and we've been a few times now. The terrace is lovely, and during the heatwave we spent a lovely few hours there before (we met after work for a coffee, I went to get a table and Sam turned up with a massive glass of wine. This is why I'm marrying him)

Then we did a cocktail class. We were all taught by Liam White (master cocktail man) how to make either a Cherry Bakewell or Rhubarb Bramble cocktail. Kelly and I worked together to make some brambles which were so delicious, and you couldn't taste the alcohol - very dangerous. 

We were then treated to some treats - it was labelled tapas but the portions were huge!  We had a selection of burgers, fish and chips (the fish was delicious), mushrooms or avocado on toast and lots of other little snacks

I tried to take some hair and makeup detail photos too, although for some reason I look like a shark in most of them 

I styled my hair in a halo braid - I have a video on how to do a halo braid here (it's the third look in the video and I did it without extensions today)

My makeup is very MAC-focussed at the moment because I had a bridal trail in August. I've been trying to perfect applying it myself in practice for my wedding day. 

Foundation - MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof NW15 (this is the strangest foundation. It goes on super pale and dries the perfect colour. Definitely get colour matched at a counter
Eyebrows - Rimmel Brow this way over a beige eyeshadow powder
Lip colour - MAC Retro Matte liquid lipcolour in Fashion Legacy (doesn't transfer when I kiss so has been wedding approved! 

Thank you Cosy Club for looking after us bloggers for the evening. We had a lovely time, and you know I'll be back. If any of the star light shades go missing don't look at me


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