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11 Aug 2018

Interiors - Master Bedroom Makeover

We've been so busy the last few weeks renovating the bedroom that we've not had time for much else. Thankfully it's finally done!

Before: When we first viewed the house, the family were using the upstairs as their floor and had students living on the ground floor. This meant they were using the front upstairs room as a lounge rather than the master bedroom.

When we got in, it was a bare room with beige carpets and fully wallpapered in a peachy floral pattern. That had to go! However as I'm sure you know stripping wallpaper comes with risks - if we were to do it the quick way using a steamer, it can often cause the plaster to come away from the plasterboard and fall off. To prevent this we had to strip it the old-fashioned way - firstly pull off the top layer which is waterproof. Then use a wet sponge to soak the under-layer and then peel that off with a wallpaper stripping knife. This meant to took a really long time, but left behind fresh, unpainted plaster!

Before we even moved, I had a vision for the room of dark grey walls and a mustard velvet bed! Luckily Sam let me take the plunge and I ordered the bed from Swoon Editions at the beginning of June (before we even moved house). We got a delivery date for the last weekend of July so we were in a huge rush to have the room finished in time. Luckily my fabulous family all turned up for a painting party and helped us out for 2 days. 

The wall colour is Downpipe by Farrow and Ball, but as usual we got it mixed up at Johnstones Paints for half the price. I was really anxious about this paint as it was almost black! I wondered if I was crazy, but kept reminding myself that the room was large, south-facing and had a lot of windows, if any room could handle the dark, cosy colour this room could! The photos in this post were all taken in the evening while the light was golden and low which I think really enhances the colours.

Mum had the great idea of using Frog Tape to create the crisp line at the top. We were going to put up coving, but that was outside our budget for now. However it's really hard to paint the join perfectly but this tape adds a really modern touch. My Mum is a DIY expert and says the frog tape is expensive but really worth the money to make a crisp line without pulling up paint. 

The bed is the Artois by Swoon Editions in Honey Velvet - it's a king-size. We topped it with an Eve mattress which we got for half price on Wowcher, as it's a rejuvenated one (from where someone has had the 100 nights trial and returned it, they replace the top layers and re-sell for a lot less). It's comfy but still takes a bit of getting used to as we're used to a sprung mattress. The bedding from a mixture of shops. The duvet, fitted sheet, oxford pillow cases and top pillows are all from ASDA. The duvet cover and bottom pillows are from TK Maxx who I love for discounted fancy bedding. Sam said he feels we need some sort of throw on the bottom of the bed, or cushions? I need to have a think about it. 

The bedside furniture is still our old stuff from Argos which I painted white eggshell. One day we will have enough money to buy new stuff and we have plans for it. The bedside lamps are the Arstid lamps from Ikea, which I've just discovered come in gold (need!). The plant on my bedside table is a rubber plant from Crocus and has lovely pink tones under the leaves which look lovely in the grey. As usual, I have my sunrise alarm clock from Aldi there. 

The gorgeous artwork above the bed is from Handmade LUX Art on Etsy and then printed onto canvas by Photobox

The pendant lampshades are white with a metallic gold inside from Value Lights and were the cheapest I could find for £14.99 each. They're 30cm diameter so a great size and good quality. The roman blinds are from Blinds UK. Despite being white, they have a blackout lining so we still get a good sleep on light summer mornings. They were challenging to fit but totally worth it because they give the minimal but expensive look I wanted. 

The rocking chair was a bargain for £20 from a lovely Facebook Marketplace seller. It's the perfect shade of lavender-grey and came with the cushion. I popped my mint green sausage dog from Love from Hetty and Dave on the chair and put these amazing lanterns which were half price at Tesco with it. 

On the left of the bed is the chimney breast and two chest of drawers in the alcoves. We'll eventually replace these too. Sam had this photo I took of Venice printed onto canvas and hung it on the chimney breast and I absolutely love it - the wall colour really makes it "pop". We also have a copper fan in the room at the moment due to the heat recently which was from Aldi

 On the other side of the room we currently have a small wardrobe and my makeup desk. (If you want info on how I DIY-ed this from ugly to pretty with feathery top, check out my post here)

I've used a table from my great-grandmother (I think... I don't remember the full story) and used it for my skincare, perfumes and MAC lippie collection. 

The plan with that half of the bedroom is to one day have a wardrobe either side of the radiator with a makeup vanity desk between. 

If we had the money, we'd finish this room by replacing the carpet with something in a grey tone, and by getting new furniture. I've had this pine stuff for about 7 years now, it's falling apart and looks passable due to the white paint but we do need something new one day!

For now though, it's cosy and dramatic and Teddy seems to like it!



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