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7 Jul 2018

Interiors: our new lounge

First up, I love interiors blogs and instagram pages. I stalk them on a nightly basis when I'm lying in bed. I love the focus on the details and where to get things so I'll try to write this post in a similar way

Our first room to tackle when we moved in was our lounge. Here are the before photos from Rightmove. The bottom half of the house was being rented out to students so the front room was used as their dining room / lounge and was a little unloved. The ceiling was wallpapered over and then covered in a stipple effect, roll on plaster. It was all quite gross. The walls were painted pink and was generally looking a little shabby. 

The walls all along the front of the house ad bay were damp when we moved in, so we had Bio-Kil come in and take down all the plaster to the level of the window sill, and then inject the walls and re-plaster. They also did lots of work clearing cavities, lowering damp courses and putting in new air bricks.

My Mum and Dad very kindly said they'd pay for us to have the ceiling re-plastered while we were still in boxes so we took them up on the offer and had someone come and strip the wallpaper off and re-skim the ceiling. Sam then spent a couple of days painting it and it looks so gorgeous and smooth now. The plasterer was also able to keep the original ceiling rose which was good. 

We then got a message saying the in-laws were coming to stay on Thursday so we went into panic decorating mode!

The walls are painted in Johnstones paint, mixed to be the same colour as Farrow and Ball Pavillion Grey - the perfect neutral for me. I'd happily have the whole house this colour again like in my old home! I think it goes so well with bright colours like the cusions and our huge map canvas. 

I'm still not sure what to put in the empty space in the bookshelf. That was all my work books but I have taken them to work now I have my own office!

The TV cabinet was from Habitat and wasn't the cheapest one around, but is currently discounted and really fits with the room. In the last house we had a built in cabinet so this was new for us. I think we're going to put our scratch off Best 100 movie poster behind the TV

I enjoy the original features and love this mantlepiece and working fire. It's apparently slate that the Victorians (?) painted to look like marble using a feather. 

I'm trying to bring more plants into the home now I've moved, and I've been so inspired by a few instagram accounts such as Rachael's, Lisa Dawson and Dee Campling. It's brought so much more life and interest to the room, even Sam commented on how pleased he was! This is a cheeseplant which can grow to 6 foot tall! I've not managed to keep houseplants alive before (I over love and over water them) but I'm going to try my best with Rachael's guidance.

We were really lucky with the blinds - they came with the house and are from Solar Sunshades. I love the thick tape - makes them look like shutters

I got these cushions from George at Asda. They're a lovely honey/mustard shade and really soft and squishy. Perfect for an afternoon knitting in the sunshine.

I found this second side table for a bargain from the Facebook Marketplace! I love that it matches our other IKEA Hemnes table and Sam can put his cuppa down too (I got fed up of passing it to him in the evenings very quickly!)

Another bunch of plants. I bought lots of small ones as they are much cheaper. Here I have an aloe vera from Ikea, and a Bird of Paradise plant from Perfect Plants on Amazon (same place I got the cheeseplant). The lovely house is a tealight holder I got for Christmas from Sainsbury's. I've put them on this cabinet from IKEA which I use to hold all my knitting stuff! 

 So what else do we have to do? Well we've run out of money for now sadly, but we've not run out of ideas. To perfect the lounge we'd love to get new flooring - we don't like laminate. We'll probably go for a nice soft, warm carpet. I've got this rug from Aldi a long time ago for the cat and dog to snuggle on for now.

We also really need new sofas as the cat has shredded these. I'm going to try trimming off the strands to see if that helps, but we need a whole new suite. Button is very, very old (around 18 if not more, we're not sure as she's adopted) so we're considering hanging on until she sadly pops off and then investing in something new. That way she can still snooze all day on them rather than having the ford closed on her to protect sofas. I've been really drawn in by the Swoon Editions sofas - particularly in kingfisher green or indigo blue velvets! I'd also like to replace the pouffe with a coffee table and to get rid of the window seat which is in front of the radiator (and providing valuable storage at the moment!) I'm also on the market for some white plant pots with saucers if you know of any. 

Do you have any interiors blogs you can recommend? Any ideas to continue working on this room? Next room - the master bedroom (and our yellow velvet bed!)


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