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15 Apr 2018

Review: L'Oreal Tattoo Signature eyeliner

As I'm sure you'll have noticed, I love eyeliner and I've tried many different types over the years. My biggest problem with eyeliner is I have greasy skin, so if I do a wing or flick, it's often melted away by the end of the day. I thought I'd give L'Oreal Tattoo Signature eyeliner a go

The eyeliner, which is a felt-tip style, promises 24 hours of lasting power and highly pigmented colour. This is something I can't refuse - the eyeliner lasted really well throughout the day with some fading, but not smudging. However I have a big issue with this eyeliner because it's a nightmare to apply!

If you're some sort of genius who can apply eyeliner with one swipe, you might be ok, however I found applying this eyeliner to be a nightmare! Every time I tried to add colour, neaten the line or go over any area again it cracked, flaked and came off! The pen was also only inky enough to put colour down on the first swipe, so the wing which I put on near the end was really patchy and faded.

So overall the conclusion of this very short review is this eyeliner is rubbish, don't waste your £6.99 on it. If anyone has any recommendations for super-staying eyeliners for oily skin types, please let me know!


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