21 Jul 2017

Review: ORLY Coastal Crush Summer 2017 collection

Orly have a new summer collection! I've been a long-time fan of Orly nail colours - they last so long! The summer 2017 collection is called Coastal Crush and is full of gorgeous super-brights.

I was sent For the First Time, a beautiful purple-pink creme, which is lovely and opaque after two, quick drying coats. I absolutely love this colour - so distractingly gorgeous and bright! 

The blue is called Sea You Soon, and is a more sheer blue with lots of shimmer in like the surface of a pool. Again it dried really quickly (I did it in bed, and didn't get the normal bedsheet imprint on the surface). It's great for lazy people like me. 

Both polishes lasted really well - abut 4 days before I started to get tip-wear, but no chipping. I didn't use a base or top coat for either, and I didn't get stained nails which is always a lovely bonus too!

18 Jul 2017

Relaxed weekend denim look

 The other week, when it was super hot, I was so fed up with my wardrobe. I was hunting around for cheap summery clothes online and went to Boohoo, which I admit is not always my first port of call. I bought a whole bunch of dresses (thank god for online shopping, and trying things on at home!) and sent the majority back, but I did keep several pieces. They always seem to have amazing sales and offers on meaning when I do go there, I end up buying way too much! It looks like today there's up to 70% off everything!

I bought this cute denim dress which I'm really pleased with! This is the Teresa button pinafore dress

I teamed it with a striped, cropped t-shirt from Zara, my faithful Long Tall Sally rose gold sliders, and my new tassel earrings from George at Asda.

 My legs are always covered in bruises right now! I blame netball and putting together the IKEA Hemnes Daybed you can see me sat on the day before. Sam put most of it together, but then I helped with the last bit and got myself pretty bashed up! I'm not sure currently how to style the bed when it's in sofa mode - it's longer than a regular sofa so the cushions I bought look a bit lost. I also think I might wrap the matresses in a checked blanket when it's in sofa style to make it look less like a bed. I'll keep experimenting and learning.

Teddy dog and Button cat seem to like it - I keep catching them sleeping on it at the moment. Although poor Button with her dementia seems very confused by our housemate moving out. I'm enjoying having another room to decorate, and I've painted it Pavillion Grey like every other room in the house - I love it!

16 Jul 2017

Lazing in the sun - Jacamo edit

A little while back, Jacamo contacted me, asking if I would like to dress my boyfriend Sam. Obviously I said I'd love to! Jacamo aim to dress any man, so they promised to be able to dress Sam who is 6'2" with a long torso and a slim, muscular build.

I chose a raglan t-shirt and some pink shorts (details below). I caught him having a coffee in the garden so grabbed some photos of him, before heading out to the beach (didn't fancy bringing my nice camera to where there's lots of sand!) Plus I was desperate to show off my lovely pot plants - look mum I haven't killed any of them!

I styled the outfit - adding some turnups (I turn up everything at the moment!) and the white pumps. Sam is wearing the Black Label belted check shorts in red (£30) and the Jacamo Drake raglan t-shirt in long (£10).

The fit of the clothes was quite loose - Sam often tends to wear skinny cuts so this was a bit alien to him! However I think he rocked it. The longer length top was welcome as he often finds t-shirts a little short on the torso.

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