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16 Apr 2017

Review: Colour Freedom Blondes - Rose Blonde on darker blonde hair

When doing my usual stroll through Superdrug I noticed the Colour Freedom range. Two caught my eye - the toners for blonde hair. They're £4.66 each at the moment so I bought both the white blonde toner and the Rose Blonde one

Colour Freedom Blondes - Rose Blonde was created for blondes with bleached sections or those with totally peroxide hair who want to tone out the brassiness, but add warmth with a peachy pink tone. They claim to neutralise the brassy oranges whilst giving the glow which will be pink in very white bleached hair, and more peachy in darker blondes. I'm a highlighted golden blonde with a hint of strawberry so thought I'd give it a go.

Inside the box is a pair of gloves and the extra large tube which would do two applications on my very long hair. The formula also said it was nourishing with Shea Butter and Argan Oil, and contained no peroxides or ammonia (so won't lighten darker hair). Any colour will last 6-10 washes.

The instructions are pretty easy - wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, towel try completely, and then use the toner. You put on the gloves, and then massage in the toner from front to back at the roots. You then use a non-metallic comb to pull the product through the lengths. I also sectioned off my hair into quarters and rubbed the toner into each section from root to tip, and then spent 10 minutes thoroughly combing with extra product where needed. The toner is slightly purple which is handy as a guide to indicate where you might have missed sections. You leave it on for half an hour, and then rinse out until there is no more purple visible in the water (basically make sure you wash it all out).

Here are the results. These photos are taken in the same window to get natural light, at the same time of day, on two days. (that's as scientific as I could get it)

I feel the colour change on dark hair is very slight - my hair does appear more ashy and some of the orange tones have been neutralised, but it's not very ashy or white. I can also see my hair looks smoother, shinier and in better condition after using it. It doesn't smell very strong - with Sam saying it smelt "a bit like hay" which I'd consider quite a nice smell.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the result! My hair looks sleeker and in good condition and is slightly less brassy. I also have enough in the tube for a second application. I think this is a great product for a weekly pamper, or to use before a night out or event. Obviously the result would be much more obvious on those with lighter blonde hair, but I think it also makes quite an impact on darker blonde too.


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