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4 Apr 2017

Coming back to blogging

Hi team, long time no speak. I've been experiencing a blogger block recently. I've been so busy since I qualified and began working which has been exhausting (woe is me, working full time). However I got an email today from an advertiser saying I hadn't blogged in three months and they would be suspending my account and it made me realise - gosh, am I a blogger anymore? That huge sense of loss really upset me and spurred me on to think about blogging again. I'm starting to build up ideas of things to post such as my new MAC Foundation, My review of proactiv+, loads of skincare, a charity ball, hairdye, all sorts! I think I just needed the motivation.

Blogging girls - how do you keep your ideas going and push yourself to blog through? I'd appreciate any ideas.

Anyway to ease myself back into blogging, I thought I'd share with you what I've been up to. I've been going out and enjoying my evenings and weekends without the guilt that I have essays to do! Through this process I've discovered pornstar martinis which are amazing!

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I've also started doing lots of sports, like yoga, netball, the gym! I've loved it and made some amazing friends at netball.
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On top of that I've been playing around with different makeup which I'm excited to show you - look I'm not wearing red lippie!

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and as always, loads of knitting!
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Anyway I look forward to coming back to blogging. Please prompt me when I am lazy! I'd like to credit Mrs Gloss and the Goss on Facebook for also giving me the courage and inspiration to start blogging again. I've missed makeup and skincare and fashion and chat!


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