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1 Jan 2017

Wagamama Gunwarf's Makeover

Living where I do, Gunwarf Quays, Portsmouth, is only a short walk away. The other night, in the confusion between Christmas and New Year, we walked over to check out the shops and to have dinner at Wagamama Portsmouth, which recently had a makeover from bright benches and booths, to chic decor.

Sam and I are huge fans of Wagamama, so we were excited for our date. Normally we only go for a main meal, but for the sake of a review we had starters, mains and puddings. You're welcome readers!

The Environment
First up, it got chic! Gone are the bright white walls, orange accents and general cheery lunch time vibe. Everything is black, exposed bricks and low lighting. Perfect for an evening date! The benches are still there which mean you have to share with others, although the team were great at placing groups with gaps between if possible meaning you still got some privacy. As always, you can see the chefs cooking, but you have to peek between large black light shades. We took photos of each other instead of the surroundings to capture the environment! I did take one looking through but a few people were looking right at the camera! I got caught!

The Food
As always, the food was amazing! We started with some Asahi beer for Sam and a prosecco for me. Yum. We then ordered duck gyoza and ribs for starter. I'm afraid both starters show you get three things, but that's only because I rememebered to take the photo after we'd eaten some. You actually get 5 ribs and 5 gyoza each. As usual, Wagamama serve the food as it's ready so it all comes at different times.

I love the duck gyoza, but they are naughty - always fresh out the fryer and boiling hot in the centre! They are so yummy though.

For mains, I had raisukaree - a delicious red thai curry. If you love it too and want to try it at home, I spent a long time experimenting and came up with this Wagamama raisukaree at home recipe which is pretty spot on!

Sam had beef teriyaki donburi which was served with lots of veg, rice and kimchee. He said it was nice but not his favourite meal he's had.

As Wagamama pros (official title) we've spent a long time trying out the menu. What we tend to do is I order two dishes we haven't tried before, we eat half of our meal, and then swap so we both get to try out the menu. Through this our short list of great dinners are:

  • Chicken Raisukaree
  • Yasai Katsu Curry
  • Firecracker Rice
  • Pad Thai
  • Cha Han Donburi
Finally for dessert we shared banana katsu - yummy deep-fried banana coated in breadcrumbs with salted caramel icecream

Delicious. With another prosecco and large beer, the whole meal came to around £60 which wasn't bad for both of us. Luckily for the review we were sent some vouchers which covered half the meal. 

With Gunwarf being a great shopping place, I dragged Sam through the early sales. I ended up buying this gold Swarovski Spiral Ring reduced from £110 to £35! It's bling! 


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