1 Oct 2017

4 Pinterest Autumn outfits - recreated

Pinterest is amazing. I've been using it more recently (find me at laurenlovesblog), and started creating an Autumn outfit board. I thought I would go through finding things to recreate the outfits I loved the most.

How to put it together:

grey jumper by Weekday - £45 from ASOS

dark grey skinny jeans - £22 from Missguided

white trainers - £17.24 on sale at New Look

Ok so the bag was really hard to find. This tweedy one is cute from BirdsAreCurious on Etsy for £19.31

How to recreate it:
You can always trust Zara with gorgeous knitwear. This one is £29.99
If you want something a bit different, look at the amazing sleeves on this Boohoo jumper for £18

for a smaller brim, this black felt floppy hat - £5 at Peacocks 
or for a more floppy brimmed hat - £12 from Boohoo

ASOS Raquel ankle boots - £30

This designer inspired bag is £11.99 from eBay

If you go to the website this picture comes from originally, it actually tells you where her outfit comes from, but here's my bargain version

This gorgeous New Look jacket from ASOS - £59.99. It's already in my basket, I'm waiting for Sam to dig out his Unidays log-in because it's 20% at the moment!

My Matalan jeggings (£16) are my favourite ever. I wear them constantly

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses - £69 from Sunglasses Shop

Ok so the Givency Antigona is hard to copy. But this winged bag is nice and it's from ASOS is £24.99

Her personalised Burberry scarf is gorgeous, but for a similar, cheaper version check out this for £7.99 on eBay 

There are lots of lovely cream, cable knit jumpers out at the moment. My favourite is this Superdry Esmay jumper for £59.99

Boohoo suede skirt - £12

The coat she is holding looks a little like this ASOS one - £85

Topshop cross-body bag - £28

23 Sep 2017

Victorious Festival Outfit with Long Tall Sally

Festival season has finished :-( I went to Victorious Festival in Portsmouth for the first time this year, which is a shock really considering how close it is to where I live. I went on Saturday 26th August for the day, which was around £48 for a last minute ticket. I went with the girls I used to live with in Brighton when we all went to uni and it was brilliant to see them again! 

We had a lovely, fairly lazy day, wondering around from stage to stage, checking out the food and chatting in the sun. It was a really hot day!

I wore this gorgeous new Long Tall Sally dress which I was sent from their Autumn collection - it's called the Spot Collar Tunic Dress and costs £59. I paired it with my New Look sunhat (similar here). my favourite trainers - New Balance 420 Micro Mesh in black from ASOS, and ASOS leather waist and hip belt (which is a great invention by the way, I've been wearing it with everything!) The amazing floral headband was from a Rose Road charity stall at the festival. I also cracked out my old Leather Satchel Co oxblood patent satchel which I haven't used in ages. I forgot how gorgeous it was. Plus can you believe these fantastic earrings are from ASDA!

There were lots of lovely things to look at and explore between sets, such as this #surfacetensionuk sculpture which made our eyes go funny! Perfect for selfies!

We also strolled by lots of little stages all dotted around with interesting things to see and listen to. This stage had some unsigned rappers, and was surrounded by old records!

We heard some great sets. We found a spot below a pink flag so we could wonder off to the toilets, bar or to get food and stayed near the main stage. We saw Stereophonics, Maximo Park, Jake Bugg and Frank Turner (who was my favourite). Sadly we didn't get to see Frightened Rabbit on the second stage, but I heard they were great.

I'd really recommend Victorious for those of you who want a casual festival which isn't too expensive. It's easy to get accommodation in Portsmouth or Gosport, and you can walk to the festival without much trouble, so no hassle camping or feeling gross either! I'm definitely going to try and get earlier tickets next year (and save some money)

28 Aug 2017

First Impressions: My IPL Hair Removal Treatment with Jodie's IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

 A little while ago I was talking to my friend Parysa, she was telling me about having IPL hair removal in Whitely, Hampshire. She said it was brilliant, cheap and not too painful! I immediately contacted Jodie's IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation. I've had four treatments so far and seen a big difference already. I decided to go for underarms and bikini line in a "mini zone" package which is £32 a treatment, but you can do "go hair free" for £50 a session and she will do everything!

When I first went to Jodie's treatment room, I was struck by how gorgeous the decor is! Everything is white, clean and fresh. It's an intimate little room and very clean.

Jodie explained everything really well in the free initial consultation. She gave me a big fact sheet and had so much knowledge on the IPL machine. Basically (from what I remember) it works by making the little capillaries around a hair follicle get really hot and die off. The hair then falls out and sometimes stops growing. It needs several sessions for the follicle to die or be shut down completely. Jodie talked through how the sessions would go - they are every four to five weeks for a few months until she notices a certain number of changes, and then they can be stretched out to longer and longer periods until you don't need to have any more treatments. IPL isn't permanent hair removal, but it does really reduce hairs until it appears there are none for long periods of time. As the areas I am having removed are hormonal, I might need to go back for a top up treatment once every year or so if I wanted to. 

The treatment takes barely any time. Jodie is SO lovely and very good at putting me at ease. (she also has an amazing memory and always remembers my gossip from the last time I saw her!) The hairs have to be a certain length, and she uses this as a guide to see what areas she has covered. She uses an ice pack to cool the skin and then zap! A bolt of the laser is directed at a small patch. It can be a little painful in the more intimate areas, but it's so quick, like being snapped with a hot elastic band. It's bearable and the sensation goes so quickly. Areas like underarms are less painful than waxing.

So photographic proof is here. On the left is how my underarm looks now, compared to when I first started going in June on the right. 

When magnified you can see there are less hairs, less dark follicles and the hairs are getting thinner already. I used to shave my underarms every day and they would get quite sore and red. Now I only have to do it every 2-3 days and the hairs are so much thinner and growing more slowly. I've never been a sweaty person, but I'm told it also reduces sweating. 

I haven't had skin rejuvenation yet - I am suffering with really painful cystic acne at the moment but Jodie had a good look at my skin and said I wasn't ready for it yet. She gave me lots of tips on managing upset and healing skin (and snapped me off a big bit of her aloe vera plant for me). Although I was disappointed it wasn't the miracle cure for me yet (maybe when the acne isn't so active), I thought it was wonderful that she's so honest. She could have said yes and I would have thrown so much money at her for a cure, but she gave me her expert advice and I'm glad she did. 

So far, I'd recommend IPL hair removal. If you're in Hampshire I would REALLY recommend Jodie (and if you go to her on my recommendation, you and I will both get £10 off our treatments). Give her a little follow on Facebook

Please note I am not being paid or getting a discount for this post. I am really recommending this!


30 Jul 2017

Outfit post: Summer floral maxi dress

I do my best to be good with money, but I often fail! I was stalking everyone on Facebook one day and noticed a gorgeous floral maxi dress from AX Paris on the Silk Fred website. Despite having absolutely no special occasion to wear it for, I had to have it! This is the Black Floral V Neck Maxi Dress by AX Paris and costs £42. 

When Ryan Hewett invited me out to take some photos on West Wittering beach, this was top of my list to wear and float around in! I was being cheeky - he wanted to practice some wedding photography techniques from my last blog post!

I teamed the dress with a gypsophila flower crown, originally from Topshop but bought on eBay, and some Next sparkly sandals. In a strange turn of event for me, I also did more natural makeup! I did my usual MAC base, eyeliner and Primark mascara, and used Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipliner rather than my usual Ruby Woo red.

The dress was so comfortable to wear. It's made of a lovely thick fabric so no concerns about see-through parts or VPLs. I actually wore it on the plane home from holiday the week after and felt very comfortable to snooze, although I was a little anxious about flashing as it is a low V neck, wrap over style!

It has a high-low hemline which I don't normally like (it's a mullet-dress as Sam calls it) but I love this one! I think it's because the lovely circle skirt makes it drape beautifully.

Geeky running! Team - are there any exercises that can give me ankles? If you look, I have cankles!

26 Jul 2017

Boohoo Bridal - highstreet wedding dresses

I've been doing a bit of work with lovely Southampton Wedding Photographer, Ryan Hewett. We went to West Wittering beach a couple of weeks ago to have a play at wedding photographs on the sand. To help out, I thought I'd get a wedding-y dress, but didn't want to spend out a lot. Looking around online I discovered that Boohoo have a bridal range! I bought this wrap over dress with sheer details for £25. 

Credit to the very talented Ryan Hewett - Hampshire Wedding Photographer

It was quite a windy day, so Ryan had the idea to grab a big piece of sheer white fabric from Fabric Land in Southampton to flap around in the wind. We went late in the evening, at "the golden hour" to capture the beautiful gold light. The photos would make lovely canvasses if they were of your real wedding!

Boohoo seem to be doing loads of bridal things at the moment - they are doing hen party clothes and accessories, morning of the wedding PJs and undies and clothes for the day! They are also doing a huge range of white maxi dresses at the moment which are so cheap! This dress was lovely - so many layers of fabric to give it a gorgeous swish. It was a wrap-around style which could be sucked right in at the waist! Perfect.

The only problem I had dancing around the beach was it needed tit-tape! I wore it with the Wonderbra low-front bra which was brilliant, when I kept still! However running up and down, flapping the fabric around it did keep coming apart and showing my bra!

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