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27 Nov 2016

Gifts for Beauty Lovers: Dermalogica Gift Sets

As I have complained to my friends numerous times, my skin has broken out massively! New job stress, hormonal imbalance, too many new products... I'm not sure what caused it originally. All I know is being an adult with acne sucks. If you follow me on instagram you'll know my new favourite product is magnesium paste to make under the skin lumps disappear. However, another skincare saviour which has been helping me out recently is Dermalogica.

Every time my skin has a wobble, I always go back to Dermalogica. It's a brand you know you can trust to be gentle, yet effective on your skin. When I heard they had a Christmas Gift Set range out this year, I was excited to try one out and show you what they do.

This is the Dermalogica Skin Health Heroes set. It contains the basics you need for healthy skin, helping me get it back on track. It contains the classic Special Cleansing Gel, Multi-Active Toner, and their flattering Hydroblur Primer.

The kit contains perfect little sizes, great for weekends away or to try out Dermalogica. It would make a great gift for young teenagers getting into skincare for the first time, or for those who love their beauty products and wanted a collection of "iconic" skincare products

For me, it really helped settle my very spotty, red and painful skin. I don't know what I reacted badly to. I have always suffered with acne but suddenly I had a collection of painful, under the skin lumps. I tried Proactiv on a trial through ASOS and my skin became a peeling, red, itchy, painful mess (sob sob sob) so when Dermalogica sent me this set it was a real gift. My skin is now slowly recovering. The painful tightness has gone and I'm left with spot-free, recovering skin. The scars from old spots are slowly fading and I'm starting to get some confidence back. Go away adult acne!

If you know a beauty lover who would want a Dermalogica set, go to the Dermalogica Website where there is a range of gift sets for different skin complaints. They start at £13.70 for a teenage skin set.

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