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30 Sep 2016

Fashion trainers round-up

Since I started exercising in March, I've managed to accumulate a few pairs of trainers, which I inevitably start incorporating into my regular wardrobe. It's a bad habit - I know I'm adding miles to my sports shoes which should be kept for sports. I've also become more and more interested in fashion trainers, which I've recently learnt are not supportive in Netball and do result in shin splints...

Anyway, I thought I'd bring you some trainers I've rounded up from the internet which may prevent me from wearing sports shoes to work!

Do you remember when heeled trainers were a thing? I'm still not really over them. I love these two by Ash at Daniel. These are the Ash Black Suede Bowie Wedges (£169) and Ash Grey Washed Denim Bowie Wedges (£129)

Having never gown out of that leopard print phase, These velvet plimsolls from River Island look gorgeous, and at £22 they are a bargain. 

Adding a bit of sparkle, these chunky trainers are the Ash Jungle black leather slip on trainers (£59.99) and Ash Cultash Cracked silver trainers (£94.99)

I didn't know "trainer loafers" were a thing, but any way of getting to be comfy at work is a winner with me. ASOS (£22)

This post was sponsored by Daniel Footwear but all opinions and selections are my own.

28 Sep 2016

My holiday!

As usual, every year we go to Alora in Spain to see Sam's Dad. Alora is a lovely village in the mountains in the south, where I really get to practice my Spanish and relax. There are lovely bars and I get to eat lots of Tapas, and there is the amazing El Chorro region with lakes and a scary cliff climb 

Here's a brief photo diary of our time away. 

We did lots of pool posing! (well I posed, the dog (Barney) and boyfriend (Sam) got papped!)

We had lots of big family meals and drinks 

And we went hiking, and cliff diving at the lakes! 


27 Sep 2016

Review: Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo

A while ago I was contacted, asking if I wanted to review Philip Kingsley's new dry shampoo called "One More Day". It's an expensive one, at £14.00, more than the usual Batiste. So I thought I'd give it a go and see if it's worth the money. 

First up, here's my greasy, 3 day old hair...

and here is it after I've used One More Day dry shampoo as it states and then styled my hair

A bit about it: 
On the bottle, it says washing your hair every day is the best for you, but when that isn't possible then this is the solution. It contains Zinc PCA and Allantoin which it claims are soothing and calming to the scalp. 

I've personally been avoiding dry shampoo recently. I was a bit of an addict, using it every day even when my hair was clean to volumise. It was drying out my hair and caused me to have a bit chopped off last time I went to the hairdressers. Plus I got a really itchy scalp. When on holiday, I read a magazine article which claimed it creates a thick layer on your scalp which is drying, irritating, and may even slow hair growth by preventing the hairs from coming out the scalp! Scary stuff. Therefore I immediately liked it said not to use every day. 

The smell was light, I didn't find it overpowering. I caught whiffs of it every now and again. The spray came out more finely than I'm used to with Batiste so I didn't use too much and make my roots go white. For a while I wondered if it was because this dry shampoo isn't white so I sprayed it on my black top... mistake. It definitely does turn white if you put too much on, just like Batiste.

The results: 

This is my hair before - yuck. Then after I had sprayed it in and left for 10 seconds as it says on the bottle. The bottom picture is after brushing and styling. Overall you can see it works well, leaving my hair looking really clean. It also doesn't leave the grey that my Batiste normally does, and any residue is more easily brushed out. I didn't feel itchy when I wore it, and I've read other reviews which say it's the best dry shampoo for irritable scalps.

My advice would be to buy the travel size for £6.50 to give it a good try and review before getting the bigger size. It is a great dry shampoo, but if you are on a budget, you may want to try it out before you fork out for the big size.

5 Sep 2016

Outfit post: Long Tall Sally Turns 40! #LTSsince76

Happy birthday Long Tall Sally! If you've read my blog or instagram, you'll know being a tall girl, I have a great friend in Long Tall Sally. This month they're celebrating turning 40 years old! To celebrate they're having parties in their stores on Saturday 10th September including fizz so make sure you pop down if you're in town. I'm sure even if you're not tall, they'll let you in. They seem cool like that. 

I thought I'd bring out an outfit post of all LTS - set against a new tree I found walking the dog at the weekend. I look like I'm in a jungle! 

I'm wearing the Long Tall Sally Leaf Print Jumpsuit (£75) from their Autumn/Winter collection. Sadly it starts at a size 10, but as a size 8 it fit fairly well on me. It's got a teal belt with it, and it slim fitting to the waist, and then has pleated waist bottom half. It's long, so if your usual problem is your body is too long for a jumpsuit, this will fit perfectly. I also find that being the long-limbed type, this fits my legs perfectly without me having to pretend it's meant to have cropped legs! 


I paired it with a suedette bomber in khaki (£55) which is light and super soft with little pockets, perfect for carrying with me on a warm day walking. It's lovely and warm, but again starts at size 10 smallest. It would go really well with jeans and a stripy top too!

Finally, I threw on the LTS Hallie Lace Up sneakers in blush (£38) which were perfect for running around IKEA at the weekends! They're really comfortable and light, plus the blush makes a welcome change from all my black trainers. They're not canvas like usual sneakers, and appear more wipe-clean so hopefully I can keep a pair of trainers clean for once! I was lothe to pair trainers with a jumpsuit but thought I'd risk it - I love jumpsuits with heels for evenings out, but it was fun to wear a jumpsuit in the daytime for a change and heels are definitely not daytime wear for me!

Happy birthday LTS! I look forward to finding my Christmas party dress in the upcoming months! (Is it ok to mention the C word yet?)

2 Sep 2016

My top skincare picks: cleansers, masks and treatments

Following on from my daytime and evening skincare routines, I thought I'd show you my favourites from the most important (in my opinion) categories. 




Soap & Glory The Fab Pore - a mask and peel with lots of lovely acids!
Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant - again another exfoliating mask to clear dead cells
Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque - a lovely clay masque to beat breakouts and oily skin
Shhh! Blackhead Peel-Off Mask - one of those amazing black masks which sticks to blackheads and pulls them out! Can hurt to use! This is a cheap but cheerful version
Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment - see my review here for it's blackhead pulling abilities! 
Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask - a moisturising one! See my review here

Skin Treatments

On the left- moisturising and skin perfecting. On the right, spot killing!

Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate - review here (they've changed the bottle)
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Nourishing Dry Oil for Hair and Body - a mini one is perfect for holiday - post sun skin saving and split end mending!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + - great for calming my spotty skin
Freederm Fast Track Spot Gel - overnight, this kills a big spot! I love it!

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