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20 Jun 2016

Making shopping easier with Octer #spon

I love internet shopping, I prefer it to regular shopping these days! However I find I usually internet shop with something specific in mind and want to look across all the UK highstreet websites. I was told last week about Octer which helps scour the internet for the perfect item.

It features lots of options along the top which help you narrow down your search. Say I'm looking for a dress for my friend's wedding in October, I can click women, then dresses. It then gives you dress options

So I click on Occasion and get another page of all the selected Occasion dresses

You can also type in specific search terms using the little search button at the top, such as co-ord or "beaded dress". (It's my parent's Pearl wedding anniversary in September, I'd like a pearly dress!)

My only comment is that although it makes finding something easier across the internet, I would have liked more filtering options such a size - there's nothing more disappointing than finding a dress which doesn't come in the right size! However, the team have let me know they're on this and hope to have a range of filters really soon!

If you'd like help searching for one perfect items, or just want some ideas for a big event, check out Octer 

This is a sponsored post, but I only post what I believe in!

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