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17 May 2016

How to pack cabin baggage for a long weekend holiday

Last week, Radley sent me their Fleet Street Small 4 Weel Suitcase, a cabin-sized, solid suitcase with built in locks and cute doggy design! I thought it would be useful to think about how to pack for a long weekend using only cabin baggage (for 3-4 nights)

To wear on the flight

Skinny jeans

To Pack

The essentials

1. Evening dress and jumpsuit
2. 3x shorts
3. 3x tops
4. 2x flip flops (day and night)
5. 3x underwear
6. jumper
7. clutch bag
8. bikini, cover-up and floppy hat
9. Travel documents wallet
10. phone charger
11. makeup
12. hair styling things
13. statement jewellery
14. lingerie and washing bags
PJs (not shown... forgot!) 

Beauty Essentials

Packing makeup and skincare for holidays with only cabin luggage is a real challenge due to the limits on liquids in the cabin. Over the years I've stripped back my makeup for holiday to hard working, multi-tasking essentials. Here are my holiday essentials, remember your clear bag to put them all in! 

Eyeliner pencil - YSL Dessin Du Regard Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner. Hardworking, waterproof and great quality. Perfect for holiday when you can't take liquid eyeliners
Lips and Blush - YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush. A 2-in-1 product reducing liquid amounts
Mascara - Benefit Roller Lash. Still my favourite
Brows - Benefit Eyeshadow in a suitable colour (excuse my old packaging!)
Concealer - I just love Seventeen Phwoarr Paint and the small cream doesn't take up much liquid allowance 
Foundation - Clinique Age Defense BB Cream provides SPF and natural coverage, allowing your holiday skin to shine. They also do an anti-blemish one. If you can, go for bonus time for the tiny moisturiser, otherwise...
Moisturiser - Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser - perfect for face or body, and with vitamin E to help skin recover from sun damage
Lips - Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant - also great for dried out skin or small areas of sunburn 
If possible - go to the counter of your favourite perfume brand and ask for a tiny tester bottle you can take with you
Remember to pack an array of grips and bobbles so you can plait your hair and make it wavy, or wear in a bun for curls in case your hotel doesn't have a hair dryer. 

At the Airport

The other essentials are things you're going to have to buy at Boots after you've checked in. I'd advise you get:
  • a small shampoo and good conditioner (which you can leave in when you're away if your hair gets dry)
  • SUN CREAM (please make sure you protect your skin from the sun)

I then packed these essentials into the suitcase. The case has two halves, separated with a zipped panel which also contains small zipped pockets. I used these to store my travel document wallet and cosmetics so they were quick accessible for going through security, another compartment for my shoes so they don't get my clothes dirty, and a compartment for my washing bags. I think the zipped sections are a great idea so you don't accidentially flash all your underwear to everyone when you need to get things out your case! 

I packed everything into each half of the case, and still had room for more clothes! You could definitely travel for up to a week with this case. I also liked that it has a solid shell so you know it will always fit in the airlines' sizing bins, no matter how tightly you stuff the bag! I also really like it has a lock on and is super bright because sometimes I've had my bag put in the hold when there was no more room in the overhead lockers (thanks EasyJet) and I've had a panic that 1. I didn't have a lock on my case, or one with me, and 2. my case was so bland I didn't think I'd recognise it on the carousel! 

The case has those lovely, twirly wheels meaning you can easily glide it round the airport, and you can get matching larger luggage if you want!

This size bag is £129 and comes with a 5 year guarantee. Check it out here and the rest of their luggage here


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