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30 May 2016

Festival fashion - collaboration Post

Festivals are the most fun for fashion - when else can we dress in what is clearly fancy dress, like hippies or Kate Moss circa 2005, in our normal lives?

Rokit asked me to pull together some fun festival looks before festival season starts all over again, so here are my picks from around the internet! They're a vintage website so many of their items are one of a kind.

Firstly, if you're packing light, some little bright trainers are a must! These Converse will see you through the whole weekend in comfort for only £11 (on sale)

For warm days I love playsuits and dresses (and on a cold day, with tights and a denim jacket!) This tropical dress is from Oasis at ASOS and costs £45. It's really bright, but has a lovely loose shape for dancing and sitting on the grass (remember your big pants)

Chuck this vintage Levis denim jacket over (£65) to keep you partying till bedtime. 

For day 2, I love little dungarees or a playsuit. I remember the playsuit-festival toilet nonsense but I still would wear one! There are two cute little denim options:

These denim dungas for £35, with this zingy crop top from ASOS underneath (£14)

Or a little denim playsuit (£30)

For the last day, I love a little pair of denim shorts. Especially if you're travelling back that evening and need to be comfy! These recycled Levis denim shorts are £20 and have frayed bits! 

I'd throw it together with this Milk It vintage top (£30)

Or this New Look stripe top (£11.99)

Finally, the bag is an important choice. Are you the type that wants to take everything in a vintage leather backpack (£75)?

Or maybe you prefer a small across-the-body bag for dancing (£75 from Cambridge Satchel Co)?

Maybe you're brave enough to rock a leather bumbag! Straight from the 80s! (£15)?

Enjoy festival season! I don't have any planned for this year yet but I look forward to other bloggers showing their style! I've already stalked most people who have used the Coachella hashtag on Instagram!

This post was in collaboration with Rokit, but I only blog companies I believe in and like so I hope you enjoy this post!


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