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9 May 2016

A day in the life of my dog Teddy! #ad

What happens when you follow your dog for the day? That's the question I was asked by Petplan who wanted Teddy to take over my blog for the day! (apparently I should write from Teddy's tone of voice, which makes me feel a little cringe but here goes!) I've used lots of brackets because I imagine my ADHD dog's brain is always off on a tangent (Squirrel!)

Hi Lauren Loves readers! I'm Teddy, the two year old Miniature Pinscher (or Min Pin for short). I look like a tiny Doberman, but I'm not as fierce (although I think I'm the same size as a real Doberman). My main hobbies include running really fast, sniffing things, wearing jumpers, sleeping and barking at the cat (who I am secretly scared of). My favourite food is carrots or anything the humans put down, and my least favourite food is strawberries. I love hanging out with Lauren, although Sam is my favourite because he lets me play rough! I am a typical handbag dog in that I shake constantly! 

The other day Lauren (I refuse to call her mummy), attached a huge harness with a camera to my back and expected me to walk in it! Silly. Here's the video of what happened when she did. It sounds a lot like she's making fun of me! 

So as you can see, it turns out tiny dogs really enjoy shaking with anxiety/excitement/any emotion, eating treats and running free, and don't enjoy massive heavy harnesses or dogs who take your owner's attention. I hope you enjoyed this video and me being a silly monkey (as Lauren calls me). I'm off to bark at the cat and lie in a beam of sunshine! 

Teddy x

Well thanks Teddy, who clearly can't type, for that post. Although this post is sponsored, all views are my own and please do insure your pet. I couldn't imagine having to decide if I could or couldn't afford Teddy's care, it would break my heart. 


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