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2 Jan 2016

Review: Simply Glamorous Book - the Beauty Bible

 I've been meaning to blog about this for ages! This is Simply Gorgeous - a book on makeup, how to apply it and how to look great by Gary Cockerill, celebrity hair and makeup artist. This is basically the beauty bible and has been living on my bedside table, guiding me calmly through Christmas!

The book is great for everyone - from beginners who don't know much about makeup, how to apply it and colours, to those who are much more confident, but maybe want some inspiration or pointers on how to apply contour or eyeshadow. 

The book cleverly guides you through the basics like skincare, moisturiser and how to prep your skin, and then through each element of makeup. For example, in the foundations section it helps you decide your skin tone and colouring to what texture of foundation you would suit. In the eyes section it talks about eye shapes and how to flatter each eye shape to make it look the most gorgeous. 

 The book then talks you through some makeup looks which I really enjoyed. It talks about a feature such as eyes, suggests several different looks such as bright eyeshadow, and then talks through how to put together a full look.

I particularly enjoyed the bright lips section, and there are chapters for older people focussing on how to change makeup looks to be more flattering and make older skin and eyes look younger. I found it really user friendly with lots of helpful tips and tricks on how to apply makeup perfectly. I have since had a makeup brush cull - keeping those which are useful and which I know how to use! I have also thought more about my skincare pre-foundation such as primers and serums, and am creeping into feeling more confident about contour - although I'm still too scared to buy a range of foundation shades Gary suggests! I've found it really inspiring for Christmas and party season looks and think it has meant my makeup is more playful - I'm trying to get out the eyeliner and red lippie rut!

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