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30 Dec 2015

December catch up

I'm back! I'm blogging again and feeling very rusty, but thanks for sticking round. This has been a crazy few months, with thesis madness, family time and lots of prep for Christmas but I think I'm starting to see a little break in my week where I can get some blog posts written down!

I thought to kick off, I'd catch you up on my Christmas

I had lots of Christmas meals, as expected. I went out with my doctorate cohort - these are my best girls! We tried to take a selfie but it turns out we aren't able to. Concerning as we qualify in 9 months

We went out for Christmas/Hannah's birthday on Christmas Eve Eve

Hannah (middle blonde) made this amazing Jamie Oliver Jaffa Cake!

I then went to the traditional Secret Santa on Christmas Eve - we've met up outside One Stop at 7 for years but I haven't done it for the last few years. It was great to get involved again!

Christmas day was lovely! It was different this year as my dad isn't well, but was still really great to hang out with my family and get spoilt! We've already agreed to have another Christmas in a few months when he's better!

My brother James has just got his own house and keeps calling mum for recipes so I made him a cook book on Blurb  - it was super easy, I used their software and cook book templates, then got all my family to email me their special recipes. I then cooked as many as I could and photographed them and put it all together. Blurb do the binding and post you a real cook book!

I also knitted him a badger head from the Sincerely Louise faux taxidermy knits book  with a top hat handmade by The Curious Panda

On Boxing Day, Sam and Teddy came home from Dover and we had our Christmas, and inevitably Ted was dressed up!

Overall lovely Christmas break. It's been wonderful to catch up with people, get some DIY and Thesis written and do lots of knitting and snuggling up with tea! 

6 Dec 2015

Lazy Sunday Snuggles Set-up

Some Sundays I feel so exhausted from everything, I just need to set up camp on the sofa to knit, nap and hang out with the pets. I thought I'd share my set up with a few treats from Flamingo Gifts. As you can see, I've turned this side of the lounge into a little den! If you're struggling for Christmas presents for a snuggler in your life, check out the things I've listed below! They're reasonably priced and super-sweet!

What I'm snuggling with this weekend: Faux fur throw from Primark, Storage bag with my knitting in from Sass & Belle, Fox cushion from Sass & Belle, Cat microwavable cosy, real cat - adopted, world map flask by Wild and Wolf, seagull mug and lemon curd candle from Flamingo

My boyfriend jokes I'm the only person in the world, but I love seagulls - they're my favourite bird! They remind me of the sea and hanging out with my family in Weymouth as a kid. The lemon curd candle is really fresh and sweet - a lovely balance which doesn't feel sickly! Plus the thermos means I don't have to get up repeatedly to get more tea!

Button the cat seems to like the microwavable cat plushy, but Teddy the dog hates it! He keeps trying to push it off the sofa or bury it under blankets!

What's your lazy Sunday set up?
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