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12 Nov 2015

Review: Waterproof sn"Ugg"ly boots - sheepskin boot wellies! + Discount Codde

It's wintery, wet and rainy out there and I'm having to come to terms with dog walking in the winter (e.g. buy a waterproof coat and suck it up). A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Cuckooland.com who told me they had waterproof, UGG style sheepskin boots.

These fluffy beasts are the Blackfox Waterproof Sheepskin Style Wellies from Cuckooland.com and cost £34.95. When I got them last week, I immediately thought "well they're not going to be actually waterproof". They look and feel almost exactly like UGG boots (except heavier). They are made of a PVC material which is textured like sheepskin, and have a really furry, super warm lining. 

To test them, I did what any good scientist would do - found the biggest, most flooded local river and went for a paddle with the dog. As I said, I don't own a coat so I am wearing my boyfriend's! I've got one on the Christmas list already! 

Teddy is learning about water - he's still quite nervous but if he sees another dog in the water he's straight in! 

If you'd like a pair to get you through the winter, I have a 10% discount code for you all! Just enter LAURENLOVES10  at checkout for your discount

 Happy Splashing!


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