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24 Nov 2015

Review: MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Collection: Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

A little while ago, Debenhams sent me the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation to try out. This easy to apply compact promises to conceal and correct all in one, making makeup easier to apply on the go. 

The Packaging: 

The foundation comes in a standard MAC black case, but it has a clip which makes it easier to open, and means it stays shut better in my bag! The pan containing the foundation flips up to reveal a sponge which can be used for top-ups. The lid has a good sized mirror in making application on the train easy!

The Foundation: 
So this is my face with the right half covered in the foundation, applied with the sponge. As you can see, it gives a good level of coverage and but reflects light so my skin doesn't look flat and dull as with some other powder foundations.

It applies easily - this is colour NC15 which matches my cooler, light skin. I would recommend going into the shop to get colour matched as there is a huge range of colours and skin tones which can be matched - for example, neutral, warm, cool or combination skin colour tones (represented by N, NC, or C letters) and then how light or dark your skin tone is (represented by the numbers).

As with all powder foundations, when you apply it thickly all over you do get a matte base, but this has quite a velvety texture rather than a powdery one. I know from my oily skinned teenage years that some powder foundations gather around creases around my nose and mouth and look really powdery, where as this looked very fresh for most of the day, with a top up on the train home. I also felt it kept me from getting too oily during the day and held well, fading off naturally rather than too patchily. I also felt it was very light and my skin could breathe all day - I haven't had any spots from using it.

It did conceal my spots well (check out my chin spot which you can't see), but I chose to put a lighter covering on my nose so my freckles still showed through, giving a more natural look.

Overall, I really like this powder. I've found it really versatile and have been applying it with a big fluffy brush over my liquid foundation for the day, and then popping it in my bag so I can top up before I go out after work. Also, I've found it reacts well to having concealer and bronzer layered up on top of it, including gel and liquid blushers which don't cause the powder to roll up or go cakey.

The foundation costs £19.50 and is available from all MAC retailers including Debenhams. Remember if you want to win this product for free, enter my MAC giveaway which closes at the end of the month!

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