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6 Nov 2015

Review: Body Shop Drops of Youth Range #BloggersSkincareGuide

Firstly a disclaimer: I'm a cynical person. I've never bought anything in The Body Shop before because part of me felt if it was so natural and good for the environment, it probably wouldn't do anything to my skin. I would like to state here, that I was very wrong.

Since the weather has changed, my "approaching-late-twenties" skin has been suffering. It's irritable, dry in patches and looking really dull and grey. I have been attacking it with face masks and acids but nothing seems to do the difference. Coincidentally, I was sent some items from the Body Shop Drops of Youth Range to test out a little while ago. I have been trialling the Drops of Youth Concentrate, Bouncy Sleeping Mask, eye concentrate and Wonderblur and really feel they have made a huge difference!

The Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is an amazing. verging bizarre product! It's an overnight face mask, which is something I've not tried before and delivers a huge dose of moisture overnight. In the tub, the texture is like cornflour gloop from school - a really thick, self-levelling cream when left, but becomes firm and bouncy when you touch it! You apply it by scooping  little out with the spatula, and then massaging into your face. You don't need very much as it can be very thick and a little goes a long way. You then leave it to settle while you get ready for bed and it soaks in, going clear and leaving a slightly tacky texture on your skin. Overnight, it works its moisturising magic, and in the morning my skin looks plump, brighter and there is no residue on the pillow. I am incredibly impressed and think I'll keep up the twice a week regeime for the lovely glow. It's £24

Wonderblur (£17) is a blurring primer which reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and some wrinkles whilst moisturising. This is a lovely little primer but takes a while to get used to the right application. I put some on to demonstrate the blurring to my boyfriend. He then put too much on and had a peely face for the rest of the day.

The Drops of Youth Concentrate (£25) was a surprise find! Most concentrates I have which give a boost of moisture are really shiny and really only suitable for the night, however this is mattefying! It took me an embarrassingly long time to work out how to use it - the lid has a little pump button on the top. Inside the lid is a glass pipette! When you press the pump, the pipette sucks up the concentrate so you have a perfect "dose" of product. 2 drops tends to cover my face, and soaks in instantly to give a matte finish. I use it under my normal Clinique moisturiser and I have genuinely seen a difference in my skin - my makeup goes on much more easily and my skin is more radiant. It looks plumped and fresh and I only need a little highlighter under my eyes. Super pleased!

Finally the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate (£19) - another product which required a PhD to understand! This is a refreshing, smoothing eye cream with a small pump and a cool, metal rollerball which delivers the product. It dries with a  highlighting effect, making my eyes look less tired and with fewer wrinkles and reduced eye bags. The cold metal roller makes eyes feel refreshed in the mornings and helps concealer apply more smoothly. After working for hours and hours on my research and placement recently, I definitely need to conceal my tiredness!

Overall - I am honestly, completely blown away by these products. They are just fabulous. Perfect for my skin type - the beginnings of fine lines yet still oily and spotty in some ways. They are really light and apply beautifully. After a really stressful week, these have made me feel and look so much fresher. Absolutely worth the investment if your 20-something skin is grey and thirsty, even if you have always had an oily skintype.

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