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8 Nov 2015

DIY Beauty Products with #MiraMessMakers

On a lazy Sunday, I love nothing more than a pamper. The clever guys at Midas Touch Crafts recently teamed up with Mira  to create some "recipes" for beauty products using things you might have around the house. We were sent a range of recipes, but I tried out the lip scrub and scrubby face mask ones - combining my loves of baking and skincare! 

How to: Make a lip scrub

This is an easy one - combine some brown sugar (the scrubby thing), with a little coconut oil (for moisture), some honey (to bind it all) and some cinnamon for flavour

Mix it all together and label your little jar!

How to: make a face mask and scrub
This scrubby face mask uses wholesome and yummy ingredients! Get a handful of oats, add some cinnamon, honey to bind it all and a squeeze of lemon. Doing some research, it seems that honey and cinnamon are really great acne fighters as they have antibacterial properties. Lemon is contested - some saying it's good for acne, some saying it makes your skin too sensitive. Maybe give it a go and see how it works for you. Mix them all together and try not to mistake them for overnight oats (although it looks yummy)

You can also burst some vitamin E capsules and pour them in for more skin-soothing benefits if you want to sit with this as a mask for 10 minutes before you scrub

If you're after some DIY pampering this weekend, give these recipes a go and let me know how they work for you! Happy scrubbing! 


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