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7 Oct 2015

How to: Knit a brain in a specimen jar (easy for a non-knitter too!)

It's Halloween - a spooky time of year, even for those of us who love our knitting! This year, I decided to combine my love for psychology with my love for knitting and create a brain in a jar! This super-easy tutorial tells you how to do it! 

First of all, get yourself a spool loom or french knitter. These are little tubes with pegs on top which you knit huge lengths of cord with. They're super easy, and some are even automatic if you look on ebay - you just have to turn a handle. You also have to get some pink or beigey-pink wool and a fake brain (google prop brain on eBay). 

You then need to use your French knitter/spool loom to create a huge, long length of icord to make the brain surface. I made lengths of about 5 meters and stitched each one on to see how far they covered. 

 To finish the brain, you need to stitch the icord onto it. You could also use super-glue if you wanted to. I did the left half, and then the right half so they were mirror images and looked more like a brain. The brain I got from eBay was squishy like a stress ball so I could stitch right into the brain but I'm sure glue would work just as well.

Then go and get a big jar and stick it in! I went to The Range to get mine and could be caught sat on the floor, attempting to stuff the brain into every kilner jar to find the perfect size!



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