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3 Sept 2015

MAC Half Red Lip liner and rare breed lipstick

A couple of weeks ago, my Dad took my Mum to New York as her 50th Birthday present. As is tradition, they came back with gifts - Hollister clothes for the boys, a huge bottle of gin and some MAC makeup for me. I know who the winner is!

I have wanted MAC Half Red Lip Liner for ages - since I met a girl on the train who looked amazing, stopped her and asked her what she was wearing and this was the lip colour. It's a deep burgandy red although looked more plum/pink on the girl on the train. My mum went to the shop in New York and requested Half Red and a Lipstick which would go. I think the poor guys in the store thought my mum was crazy - a girl that pale wanting lips that dark? But they went with it and suggested Rare Breed from the Haute Dogs limited edition range.

Apologies for how stupid some of the photos were - I tied my hair up as I was doing some re-grouting and sealing in the bathroom and my housemate thought I looked like a rubbish gangster and started singing hard-knock life from another room.

First up - Half Red Lipliner

I LOVE IT! It's a gorgeous, soft burgundy red and will look great for Autumn. I'm already planning on when I can wear it next!

Rare Breed
MAC Rare Breed is probably a colour  I wouldn't have chosen myself but I really like it. It's described as a midtone pinky nude, and the guys were spot on, it's a great nude for my skin tone.

 I hate close up lipstick colours but I always want to see swatches on lips rather than hands so here it is. Apologies for my dry lips, I've been biting them again through stressing about uni!

And the combo of the two...

I love it! Rare Breed picks up the deep colour of the lippie and I love it!

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