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26 Aug 2015

Another weekend, another wedding

I really am getting to that age where weddings are everywhere (cue people everywhere constantly asking, so when is it your turn... sigh). Anyway, this weekend we were down in Dover, at Crabble Mill for another wedding of Sam's school friend Chris to the stunning Martha. It was a festival-like party with lots of food, dancing and happiness.

First up, I wore the MISSGUIDED Peony Print Crop Top (£25) and cigarette trousers (£30) paired with the Gigi T bar skinny stilettos from Boohoo which are down to (£20). I teamed it with a Gin and Tonic obviously, and no jewellery.

Makeup wise, I kept it toned down with MAC Face and Body Foundation for its light, dewey look, MAC casual colour on my cheeks, and my favourite lippie of the summer- MAC Pink Pigeon. At the last wedding I was at, the makeup artist told me she didn't like MAC and preferred YSL for foundation, but I prefer my lighter coverage look! 

Sam did as he was told and wore a matching coloured shirt from ASOS and his suit trousers from Zara men

We met up with lots of Sam's close friends including Lloyd and Stacey with their gorgeous daughter. They're the couple who got married last year 

Sam and Chris the groom

And Sam's school best friends. Harry in the middle is getting married next to lovely Lara in June 2017

Harry and Lara!

We (and I mean I by that) loved the instagram frame for photo booth opportunities 

Another super-fun wedding! Can't wait for the next one. After spending so much time helping organise my friends' weddings, I'm not sure what to do with my weekends now... other than my thesis of course. Back to my desk and back to a lack of blogging probably! 


24 Aug 2015

My BFF's Wedding!

I can't believe it! Just over a week ago my best friend Becky got married and I got to be bridesmaid! I thought I'd again share some pictures with you.

Firstly, the most important person - the bride! Becky looked absolutely stunning in this lace dress which had buttons all up the back. It really showed her gorgeous figure and she looked very bridal.

Yasmin and I wore these lovely, flowy pink dresses which were the perfect shade of blush. We accessorised with pearl and diamond earrings from Accessorize and tiaras (from eBay!). We had our hair done at a salon which was such a treat, and a makeup artist gave us smokey eyes. 

After the ceremony, I traded my bouquet for this Clutch Bag I was sent from House of Fraser, and some prosecco!

The wedding was at Dodford Manor which was a beautiful barn. It was surrounded by stunning scenery and made for lovely photos.

And finally I guess we'll include the groom. Matt is the man lucky enough to get to live with Becky

It was a beautiful wedding, a dream of a day and I had the most fun. I was so happy to see my bestie have the wedding of her dreams and look so happy. I felt a little overwhelmed the day after (not hungover!) and cried numerous times. Especially when she changed her facebook name to her married name!

Lots of love Becky and Matt. Wishing you the happiest marriage and lots of happy years. Love you both. Also big shout out to the other bridesmaids - it's so lovely to have you as exciting new friends xxx

4 Aug 2015

The first wedding of the Season - Hannah and Will

This weekend I was a bridesmaid for one of my BFFs Hannah (and her new husband Will). After our lovely hen do in Bath (read my post here) we were ready for the main event! I agreed to do all the bridal party hair and makeup for the wedding (including my own and the Bride's) so I was really anxious. However with an awesome team of my closest friends around I managed to relax and have great fun with my favourite hobby - playing with hair and makeup!

Here are some of the photos that Sam and I took of the big day. The professional photos were taken by Lucylou Photography - check out her website, the photos are just stunning (don't tell my boyfriend but I have already saved her on Pinterest as my future wedding photographer!) I hope she will let me feature her photographs when they are all edited.

First up our bride Han in her gorgeous dress! She is just the most gorgeous bride ever. We decided to do all her hair up because of her lovely low-back dress. It had lots of volume and looked really natural, with a pearl headband over.

We went to the MAC counter for makeup, and got lots of helpful tips. Hannah is a minimal makeup kind of girl so we went with a lovely light face and body foundation, lots of golds and sparkle on her eyelids, bronze and blush because she's outdoorsy and a natural lippie combo of Creme in your Coffee and Creme Cup. 

Hannah had a team of unruly bridesmaids who were very loud and giggly! 

We were going to have a theme in our hair, but on the day we decided to go with how our hair looked best naturally. Emma (short hair) had hers done at a salon and has the most gorgeous shiny hair. To compliment her, we went with a navy blue smoky eye which she rocked and nude lips. Abi (red head) had this amazing volume following the blow dry and looked like a 50s rockabilly godess. We decided to stick with the vintage look and gave her a soft rolled hairstyle and a green smoky eye to compliment her colouring. I love big hair and I love my hair up in strapless dresses so I went with a french roll, lots of gold eyeshadow, a winged eyeliner and darker lippie. Hannah (blondie on the far right) has the most amazing, thick, naturally blonde hair which I want to chop off and keep! It holds a curl really well so we went with a waterfall rope braid and lots of natural loose curls, browny/taupe smokey eyes because she hates gold and a really light pink lipstick.

Hair close-ups. Abi started sticking things in her hair by this point! 

Here are some other photos I took and loved

Gavin and Luke being so cool

Emma and her partner Nick (Emma has a baby in her tummy! Our tiny bridesmaid pal!)

Hannah and her super-charming boyfriend Ben - he's French and very sweet

Me and my Sam, messing around as usual

Abi and her boyfriend Barry, who I almost had an interesting conversation about GM foods with, but he decided he didn't want the debate (he's an organic farmer/gardener)

I almost caught the bouquet, but didn't (much to Sam's relief)

We played with sparklers too! 

It was such a beautiful wedding, we had a really lovely time. Big congratulations to Hannah and Will who are probably sunning themselves on Honeymoon currently. Lots of love to you both.
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