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23 Jul 2015

Review: St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion

Being one of the palest people on Earth, I am always interested in a new fake tan invention. When I met with Roisin on the MAC counter in Southampton, she was talking about the new St Tropez in-shower fake tan, which I wasn't convinced about. However the golden colour she was, and her promises of no more smell and no more orange bed sheets had me convinced.

The idea is genius - you get yourself wet in the shower, shave your legs etc that you would normally do. Then you turn off the shower and rub this lotion in to your skin. Then all you do is stand there for 3 minutes (no more, maybe use your electric toothbrush to time this) and then rinse, dry and you're done.

The lotion
This fake tan has a really strange texture - it's almost a bit like vaseline in that it clings to your skin even though you're wet. There is no colour in this tan, which made me a bit anxious that I was applying it streakily, but the bottle says as long as you rub it in circular motions it will be fine.

The application
This was the strange part. When you are waiting, you can't shave your legs or stand in a towel, you have to just wait in the shower, dripping wet and shivering until the three minutes is up. I brushed my teeth and applied moisturiser to my face which took up time but otherwise it felt very strange.

However application is super easy and quick, and once I had rinsed it off, my skin was very soft and not covered in the dreaded indicator dye which turns my bed sheets orange. (we always joke it's like the outline of an orange murder victim in the bed!) I also didn't smell of biscuits which was a bonus - my guilty secret wasn't going to be given away.

The results
I was a little disappointed by the results. The resulting tan is incredibly pale. I'm a huge fan of before and after photos but after one application I was only slightly tanned and my camera didn't pick it up. I think I would need 3 applications before I built up a decent tan. Considering it's £14.50 a bottle currently, you would need numerous applications to get the effect of just one application of the regular gradual tanner (and millions for the effect of a full fake tan!). Therefore value for money it doesn't work out very well.  I don't think I would buy another bottle and would just settle for my favourite gradual tanner, Garnier Summer Body.

However, I found the application to be the easiest I've ever experienced and there was not a single streak. I think if you're a pale person who doesn't want too much colour, or if you're scared of fake tan, this is absolutely ideal. However for a sunless tanning pro like me, I'd like a deeper colour and I think the technology needs time to catch up.

I have heard reviews that say some people didn't rinse properly and were left with weird dark patches, so be careful.

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