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23 Jul 2015

Review: St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion

Being one of the palest people on Earth, I am always interested in a new fake tan invention. When I met with Roisin on the MAC counter in Southampton, she was talking about the new St Tropez in-shower fake tan, which I wasn't convinced about. However the golden colour she was, and her promises of no more smell and no more orange bed sheets had me convinced.

The idea is genius - you get yourself wet in the shower, shave your legs etc that you would normally do. Then you turn off the shower and rub this lotion in to your skin. Then all you do is stand there for 3 minutes (no more, maybe use your electric toothbrush to time this) and then rinse, dry and you're done.

The lotion
This fake tan has a really strange texture - it's almost a bit like vaseline in that it clings to your skin even though you're wet. There is no colour in this tan, which made me a bit anxious that I was applying it streakily, but the bottle says as long as you rub it in circular motions it will be fine.

The application
This was the strange part. When you are waiting, you can't shave your legs or stand in a towel, you have to just wait in the shower, dripping wet and shivering until the three minutes is up. I brushed my teeth and applied moisturiser to my face which took up time but otherwise it felt very strange.

However application is super easy and quick, and once I had rinsed it off, my skin was very soft and not covered in the dreaded indicator dye which turns my bed sheets orange. (we always joke it's like the outline of an orange murder victim in the bed!) I also didn't smell of biscuits which was a bonus - my guilty secret wasn't going to be given away.

The results
I was a little disappointed by the results. The resulting tan is incredibly pale. I'm a huge fan of before and after photos but after one application I was only slightly tanned and my camera didn't pick it up. I think I would need 3 applications before I built up a decent tan. Considering it's £14.50 a bottle currently, you would need numerous applications to get the effect of just one application of the regular gradual tanner (and millions for the effect of a full fake tan!). Therefore value for money it doesn't work out very well.  I don't think I would buy another bottle and would just settle for my favourite gradual tanner, Garnier Summer Body.

However, I found the application to be the easiest I've ever experienced and there was not a single streak. I think if you're a pale person who doesn't want too much colour, or if you're scared of fake tan, this is absolutely ideal. However for a sunless tanning pro like me, I'd like a deeper colour and I think the technology needs time to catch up.

I have heard reviews that say some people didn't rinse properly and were left with weird dark patches, so be careful.

21 Jul 2015

My birthday

It was my birthday on Saturday. I was completely spoilt by my friends and family and went away to Essex

It was Sam's Aunty's surprise 50th party on my birthday up in Essex. I asked Sam to get us a hotel in Essex for the night so we could have some special birthday time as well as sharing it with the family.

In the morning, I had my presents at home with Sam, and he gave me a beautiful necklace with a teardrop pearl and an uncut diamond. It's so beautiful, I love it! We then went to my Mum's house and had some bacon sandwiches and more present opening (2 Fiorelli Madison bags! I loved my brother's girlfriend's one and they were in the sale when I looked so I got one in blue and one in brown!) 

We then set out for the party which was in Point Clear, Essex. We stayed in the Wivenhoe House hotel which was near Colchester. It was a gorgeous old house on the University of Essex grounds which was staffed by undergraduates!  Sam had arranged for us to have a room in the old manor house

and had asked for pink wine and chocolate to be ready for us when we got there. This was a lovely treat and it was fun to drink pink wine while we got ready for our party. I've never been to such a posh hotel in my life - there were dressing gowns!

finally we were ready to go out. I wore the MAC makeup from my last post and got lots of compliments for my MAC Pink Pigeon lipstick. 

the next day we got the opportunity to explore the grounds. The weather was beautiful and we went for a lovely walk, looking at the gorgeous hotel and this amazing horse sculpture. 

We then went for lunch at The Brasserie which was delicious. I had fish and chips and Sam had a Sunday roast. I was totally jealous of his creme brulee, I wish I had ordered it! 

Overall, a lovely birthday weekend! I had a great time, felt like a princess (and a little overwhelmed when I saw where we were staying!)

16 Jul 2015

My MAC makeup haul

In under 3 weeks I am doing my friend Hannah's hair and makeup (and all the bridesmaids) for her wedding! EEK! Searching for inspiration and help, we went along to MAC in Southampton John Lewis for a makeup lesson. Hannah had to pay £30 for the lesson, but the cost was redeemable against items in MAC. The lesson was fantastic, we learnt so much about makeup, how to use it to bring out Hannah's gorgeous features and how to apply it in the most effective way (who knew a fluffy brush was better for applying concealer than a concealer brush!). We were taught by Roisin, one of the managers, and she was so friendly and knowledgeable, explaining each step and how we could do it at home with what we had so we could shop tactically. Roisin then found the time to match me to a foundation and did a huge makeup look for me, which enabled me to spend far too much money in MAC.

Here's what I bought

MAC Lip Conditioner, MAC Lipstick in Pink Pigeon, MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in N2, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20,  MAC Casual Colour Blusher in Keep it Loose

After spending so much, I thought I'd feel terribly guilty, and I did for roughly 12 hours until I applied it again the next day. I LOVE these products. I feel so pretty wearing them and really confident in my skin and look. I thought I'd show you why.

Before, without makeup

And now, like every girl does, I'll put my hair into a knot on my head to apply makeup!

MAC Face and Body Foundation

This foundation is amazing. It's a really liquidy, almost watery texture but the more you buff it in, the more "airbrushed" it looks. You can apply it with your fingers or a flat topped brush and really work it in. The effect is light and shows your natural glow and skin through, but just perfected! I chose shade N2 which had a warmer tone than the C shades and is better for giving me some summery colour.

Pro Longwear Concealer

In case I or the other girls get a spot on the day, I had to buy this concealer. It's a perfect match for my skin and buffs in beautifully. You blob some on (the concealer comes out a pump which makes it anti-bacterial!) and buff it in with a fluffy, small brush

Concealed. A blank canvas for the colours!

MAC Lip Conditioner

As someone who suffers from dry lips, this product felt like a miracle. I put a tiny dot on my lips, rubbed them together and my lips were moisturised and plumped. I've been trying to drink more water in an effort to help my skin and hydrate my lips, but this is a great base for my lippie until I can get that sorted.

MAC Casual Colour

This is a cheek and lip colour and has a creamy consistency. You apply it with another flat top brush and work it into your cheekbones in small circles. It gives a lovely colour payoff and I love the glowy, dewy finish it leaves on my cheeks. I can skip the highlighter!

MAC lipstick in Pink Pigeon 

I was inspired to buy this lipstick by Pinterest (the biggest shopping enabler I've ever known). It's a clean pink, and halfway between Girl About Town which is a dark pink, and Candy Yum Yum, which is a chalky, highligher pink. It's a really easy to wear colour and is perfect for my birthday and a wedding reception outfit I have planned. I can't wait to wear it out.

Finally, this is the look all together!

So my love affair with MAC remains, forever and ever. I often buy dupes that I read about online but after buying two NYX dupes for Pink Pigeon and the real thing, I've found the real deal is worth forking more money out for. I'd really recommend a makeup lesson with the MAC girls, even if you think you're good enough to do makeup for a friend's wedding... Roisin was fantastic, although a dangerous person to talk to because she really helped me shop! It's really inspiring and I felt the team listened to what our personal makeup styles were, tailoring the lesson to suit both Hannah (who is scared of makeup) and me (who wears probably too much).

13 Jul 2015

House of Fraser Lingerie

When I was contacted by House of Fraser to see if I would be interested in any of their lingerie sets, I was kind of surprised to hear they did underwear. A "duh" moment I know, but I am a really small back size and struggle to shop for underwear, so I tend to stick to the same two shops where I know I can find pretty bras in a 30 back size.

I noseyed through the website, and was really excited to find a small range of 30 back bras on sale, and fell in love with this pretty set by B'Tempt'd - the Ciao Bella set in Ivory

This super-cute set is a balconette bra, which is reduced to £24.00 currently, and a lace tanga which is reduced to £12.80. The bra is a pretty nude colour, over-layed with ivory lace. It doesn't have much padding but gives a lovely smooth effect under t-shirts.

The knickers are a thong-like tanga with thick sides so leave minimum VPL. They are also super-comfy and don't do that scrunching up thing that French knickers often can.

It's a super-cute set and I had no idea that House of Fraser would be the place to look for lingerie! I think if you're a funny size and struggle to find underwear, it's worth checking out. Plus us students get 10% off in there!


3 Jul 2015

Hen Weekend Post!

I have been so busy with uni deadlines recently I've barely had a life (or managed to blog!) However I am loving my current placement which is keeping me sane.

Last weekend, I headed off with my school friends to Bath for the hen do of one of my besties Hannah. It was brilliant getting to hang out with my team of fantastic girls and getting exited to be bridesmaids in August!

We stayed at Harley Street Townhouse which was a beautiful, huge building - perfect for a glamorous hen. I have a huge temptation to contact the owner and ask what paint colours they used! It was just by the Royal Crescent which we obviously had to see!

On Saturday morning, we all got up and went out Punting which was one of the most frightening moments of my life! I genuinely thought I was going to fall in every time someone moved! We also kept going round in circles and crashing into innocent boaters. Safe to say we were useless. Here's me with the maid of honour who is also called Hannah.

We managed to dress the bride Hannah up which she was not happy about! Here's her punting with some others

It was such a hot day, most of us got some sunburn, despite the bride shouting "no strap marks for the wedding" at all of us! I think it was a joke?

We then went into town and visited The Makery where we made our own knickers! We were given a pair of big white granny panties and lots of tools to customise them

We brought our own afternoon tea to the event too which was awesome!

The whole afternoon involved lots of pink wine, shouting "bum ruches" (to make the pants smaller and sexier) and negotiating for the best lace. It was great fun!

The result was lots of white panties with lots of bum ruching!

Finally we got back, and after lots of showers, cocktails and me practicing Hannah's hair styles (I'm doing hair and makeup for the bridal party... I may be mad) we had a big meal with lasagne and a gin bar (which you can see in the background of this photo of me and Hannah

I managed to get everyone to pose for a group photo finally!

After the meal, we played Mr and Mrs - the maid of honour Hannah and some others managed to contact the groom-to-be Will for answers to some funny questions. Hannah then had to guess what answer he gave - if she got it wrong she had to have a shot, if she got it right she got to nominate someone else to have it. Sadly, Will went for really soppy, loving answers which Hannah wouldn't normally guess (he knew his audience) so she had to drink a lot of shots!

We then cracked out the penis cake I made! It was the only penis reference from the whole weekend so it had to be an inappropriate one. I made the chocolate pubes by melting chocolate in a bag, snipping off the end and swirling the chocolate onto greaseproof paper!

As the night wore on, the photos get a little stranger...

Yay the bride and all the bridesmaids!

I think I quite suit a veil, I might start wearing one every day.

The next day, hungover, we all traipsed home for baths and relaxation! There are rumours that the bride was sick into a carrier bag on a train but these remain unconfirmed! It was a really enjoyable weekend and I can't wait to see the girls again at the wedding! In the mean time, Hannah and I have an appointment at MAC in Southampton on Sunday to get some bridal makeup ideas!
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