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15 Apr 2015

Review: Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara

Seventeen Falsifeye False Lash Effect mascara was a recent purchase to replace the sample of Benefit Rollerlash I was using. I love a lengthening mascara, so anything which promises false lash effects always interests me. I picked this up for £6.49 from Boots the other week which is also more than half the price of Benefit mascaras!

The packaging is simple - a matt black tube with pink and gold writing, although I found the square shape really chunky and hard to hold when applying mascara. The brush is huge and bushy rather than a plastic comb-like applicator which again made precise application challenging and I found I got a lot on my eyelids.

Here are the results (quick apologies for the pre-threading eyebrow horror!)

I found the mascara more thickening then lengthening although it lengthened the odd lash and not others! I felt it made my eyelashes clumpy and spidery than long and false-looking. It also didn't give the lengthening effect I wanted (and was used to from Rollerlash) leaving me feeling like a had stubby little spider legs attached to my eyelids! You can see I have a lot around my eyes which I didn't clean up to show you the effect.

Overall, I was left a little disappointed by this mascara. It wasn't terrible, but for a false lash addict like me it didn't have the oompf. I'd much rather stick to my L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara which is only a little more at £10.99 and has an easier to handle brush which gives better effects (see my review here)

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