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17 Apr 2015

Review: Barry M Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit

I don't know how you all feel about contouring, but I was absolutely terrified of it until only a few days ago. I saw pictures of Kim K covered in stripes, saw the dark colours in the kits, saw some crimes against contouring out in the clubs and was put right off. However, when Boots have 3 for 2s on makeup, I love buying lots of stuff and used it as an excuse to get a kit and give contouring a go. 

This is the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit and is £6.49 at Boots. I was drawn to it because it said flawless, had pictures on how to use and was from Barry M. Fickle but it worked for me. 

The kit contains a guide on how to apply the product for best results, and there is also an online guide for how to contour on their website. (on their guide, they used the products from right to left, opposite to the guide on the box!) The kit colours are a highlighing powder (pale one), a bronzer (middle one) and a contouring colour (darkest one)

So first off, this is my face. I have applied concealer and foundation to prep for contouring

Look I do have cheekbones somewhere under this permanent puppy fat!

First I applied the highlighting powder to the areas suggested on the lid of the box. You can't really see a difference

Then I used a small bronzing brush to pick up some bronzer and apply

Eek! Looking bronzed. I haven't properly blended it in so you can see the colour. You apply this to your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin - places where sunlight would give you a tan naturally.

Finally, I used the brush to pick up the dark contouring colour...

So stylish. Glad nobody walked in at this point! You use this colour under your cheek bones, either side of your nose, around your hairline and jaw. 

Finally, I got a huge powder brush and blended the colours in, making sure I didn't blend them out of their suggested locations on my face! 

I then applied my usual eye makeup, lippie and a touch of blusher. 

Here are the results:

I am actually impressed by the result and I don't think I look like too much of a crime against makeup. I noticed the kit gave me a bit of colour thanks to the bronzer, which makes me look healthier. However I also think it has made my cheekbones stand out a little more, my nose look a little narrower and my square jaw (which I am quite self conscious of) looks softer. 

See I do have cheekbones!

I think for the price, the Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit is really good and is worth taking home and playing with when you've got nothing on. It gives a big impact which is great for nights out and photos


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