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3 Apr 2015

Outfit: Leather Trousers and Heels OOTN

Easter weekend is here! I'm sitting waiting for my banana nutella loaf to bake which I found on Pinterest (follow me on Pinterest!) and recovering from going out last night!

Sam and I went out with some friends in Southampton last night. It was initially dressy, but later I was told it was downgraded to a jeans and heels kind of night. That set me into a complete panic because I don't really "do" jeans. After a panicked tweet answered by Samanatha and L&M, I decided to wear my faux leather trousers from the H&M sale which I featured in my haul video last week. Sadly I didn't think to get the lights out and just took the photos in the lounge thinking it'd be good enough, oh well.

I am wearing
Imitation leather trousers from H&M - £14.99 although I got them for £7 in the sale at the shop, you can track the latest sales by looking here). Make sure you go a size up from what you would normally order! Sheer white shirt from Mango - £24.99. Black heels are my go-to court shoes from ASOS. My clutch bag is a BIBA handbag which I got as a present from Sam for our first Christmas

 I accessorised it with a stirling silver bird bracelet which was £10.40 and a stirling silver origami crane necklace which was  £7.50, which I was kindly sent by the team at Jewellery Box

I found accessory photography was not my strong point so I tried being arty with photos... not sure I managed it...

We had a great night. We went to a restaurant called Marshals in Southampton which was doing 2 for 1 cocktails. We bought lots of small plates and shared them, although we should have discussed the number of bowls of chips we bought! I ended up having too much gin and too much food and being half asleep by 11pm!

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