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5 Apr 2015

Molly Makes Weddings Craft Book

With 2 of my very closest friends getting married this year, weddings seem to be all around me at the moment! However I have definitely embraced it as a great opportunity to make lots of things for their weddings and be creative!

When my favourite craft supplies shop, Hobbycraft, contacted me asking if I'd like to peek at one of their craft books, I was attracted to this book straight away so I could share it with the girls. This is Molly Makes Weddings by the Molly Makes team who do the awesome crafty magazine. 

The book had loads of wedding-ready crafts like cake toppers, cute table decorations and wedding invite papercraft. I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you.

A button bouquet is super cute as a decorative piece, not sure this is something my traditional friends would want me to make. I might give it a go anyway, I have so many buttons!

I love this picture idea

I've never tried cross-stitch but I think it's something I'd like to try. The book comes with a template for the cross-stitch and some instructions on what to do too. It looks soothing and creates something really cute.

My favourite oiece was these love cushions for top table

They're designed by my favourite crafty person ever - Zoe from Love from Hetty & Dave  who makes gorgeous things out of leather in her online shop. I love the cat shoes I bought there a while ago.

In the back are the templates for how to make them.

I'll share with you anything I make! I think I'll give the cushions a go for my sofa sometime soon!

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