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14 Apr 2015

Date Night Outfit: Sequin Leggings

At the weekend, my boyfriend and I did loads of work to the garden (we're pulling up the horrible paving slabs and replacing them with grass!). As a reward for the work, we decided to go out to Pizza Express with a voucher we got for Christmas. 

I got all dressed up in my new sequin leggings, MAC Girl About Town lippe and tried pushing my fringe back. What do you think of fringe-less? 

I wore my H&M Sequin trousers which I got for £7 in my local shop (although they are £15 online). I'm not sure what came over me when I bought them but I love them! I teamed it with a grey t-shirt (also H&M) and my pink tReds heels which are soooo comfy!

We had a bit of an embarrassing nightmare at Pizza Express in Portsmouth though! The bill came, but we were relaxed (even though we were broke) because we got a gift card for Christmas. However the waitress said the giftcard was empty and had never been topped up. Cringe. We had to pay the full price, and my debit card was silently, shamefully exchanged for a credit card. However when I got home, I checked the balance online and the whole amount was still on it! I have emailed Pizza Express because I want my pizza money! Hopefully it'll be resolved.

I can have any flavour pizza I want?!

In the end I had my favourite pizza, the Padana which is all goats cheesy. Delicious. Sam had the American Hottest which was just explosively spicy. Too much for me but he loved it. We also had the sharing dough balls for starters (delish) and I had a lemon curd sorbet and cup of tea for pudding. Despite the embarrassing episode, we had a lovely treat and enjoyed our first date night in a long time! 

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