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11 Apr 2015

Barkbeats Doggy Subscription Box (plus discount code!)

We've all heard of beauty subscription boxes - monthly deliveries with little samples of lots of brands (some good and some not so much). However I never knew there were other types! A few weeks ago I was contacted by the BarkBeats team, a UK company doing subscription boxes for our dogs! They send out a monthly surprise box full of 5-6, full sized special treats, tailored to the size of your dog. 

We got ours and straight away little Teddy could definitely smell something delicious

Inside the March box we had:

A Busy Buddy waggle which you can put treats in. This may be Teddy's favourite toy ever, it's kept him quiet for hours and he carries it around all the time. 

A Trixie Roller pop which is a roll-on deodorant style treat! The one Teddy got was bacon flavour and it's perfect for training because it's a quick treat without wasting time chewing! Teddy loved it but smelt like smokey bacon crisps for hours after! 

There was also a Barks & Sparks brownie in chicken liver and yogurt flavour which we're saving for his 1 year birthday next month (oh god we've turned into those dog people...), HovHov cookies (great for recall training) and some Arquizoo wipes which are perfect for cleaning his eyes! 

The boxes typically contain really great brands such as Kong, and are seasonally selected. The shipping is free and there is no comittment to stay subscribed for set periods like with other subscription boxes. Plus you can get 50% off your fist box with the discount code LAUREN so try it out now!

If you order a box, you can also feel like you're doing your bit for other doggies too, because 10% of all BarkBeats profits go to animal charities. 


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