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27 Mar 2015

Velcro Rollers vs Heated Rollers: What's the difference?

My old housemate Charlie text me the other day asking what type of rollers she should get, and it got me thinking - I haven't spoken about the differences between different types of roller!

Velcro Rollers
Velcro rollers are those ones you see on the TOWIE stars - they are often hollow to allow for air flow, but some are squishy inside so you can sleep in them (think Sleep In Rollers)

Velcro rollers are put in your hair when it's hot from the hairdryer, and left there to cool down. As they have velcro all around the barrel, they stick to your hair (as long as you don't put too much onto each roller). Sometimes you may need hair pins. 

They give a big hair look without much curl

You can also get really big rollers which give an even smoother look - the larger the barrel, the less curl you will form. 

The pros:
  • Easy to use
  • Very cheap - you can get a whole pack from Primark for roughly £2
  • Stick in your hair themselves
The cons (in my experience):
  • You have to dry your hair with a hairdryer = heat damage
  • I find my hair breaks more easily with velcro rollers, but I have got fine hair
  • If you do it properly, it can take a long time. Think sectioning off pieces of hair, drying them each individually and rolling into curlers. See my Big Hair Blowdry Tutorial for more

Heated Rollers

These are the classic 80s hair staple, but thankfully they are much better these days. My mum still has her oil filled rollers which are so heavy, but most have a ceramic core these days! 

Heated rollers come in a little bag or container which you switch on to heat up and leave for 10 minutes. Once they are ready, you just put them into completely dry hair, clip and leave until they have gone cold. Again there are lots of options - the barrel size changes the curl size (smaller barrel = tighter curl), whether the barrel is plastic or covered in a velvety fabric (I prefer without fabric) and if you use clips or grips to keep them in (clips are easier, but grips give better results once you have learnt how to use them). My personal favourites would be these rollers from TRESemme

The result is much more curly and sleek than with velcro rollers - you still get a lot of volume in the roots but the ends are more curly.

Pictures taken from my Hollywood Starlet Hair Tutorial


  • Less heat damage - you could allow your hair to dry naturally and put these in the next day
  • Less breakage on delicate hair
  • Sleeker finish
  • Take longer to get used to using
  • Give a curlier look if you don't brush the ends out
  • More expensive - from £20 upwards. 
I hope that helps! I don't really have a favourite - they all have their place in my hair armory, but I do tend to use the heated ones more frequently for prepping my hair for nights out and up-dos as it's really quick to chuck them in and go eat some food or do my makeup while they cool! 

If you have any questions let me know and I'll try to answer them. If not, my 80s big hair queen Mum will definitely have the answer! 


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