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5 Mar 2015

The BEST cream for dark under-eye circles

This post is for all you girls (and guys) who really struggle with dark bags and dark circles under your eyes. I have the solution!

At Christmas, my darling boyfriend's mother gave me a wrinkle filler cream. At the age of 26 (and looking young for my age too, I think!) I was fairly insulted but gave it a go. It quickly became my go-to when I was feeling super tired and it really made makeup application easier. Then at the weekend I lent it to my best friend who is struggling with dark circles due to some medication and a miracle happened... she woke up and they were almost gone! The stubborn circles which really stressed her out looked amazing. The miracle cream is Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Collagen Boosting Wrinkle Filler and costs a bargain £9.49!

This cream claims to use hyaluronic acid to fill wrinkles from within, plumping and smoothing for a smoother surface. Apparently over time it reduces stress and therefore the formation of wrinkle lines. I'm not sure that's completely science, but it does make your skin tingle and fine lines seem to smooth over. It then means you don't have any concealer settling in the lines under your eyes (which makes them look worse) and also does an amazing job of reducing the darkness of under-eye dark circles.

Anyway, thought I would broadcast this for the good of mankind!

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