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9 Feb 2015

Things I have learnt from owning a puppy Miniature Pinscher

I have owned my little puppy Teddy for 9 months now and in that time there has been a helter-skelter of emotions! From the first sleepless nights of owning a tiny puppy, to the dawning realisation I own a dog and all my childhood dreams have come true, it's been a ride so far!

1. Puppies have no chill

You won't get much sleep at first because your puppy will miss you and cry. Also Teddy would get stuck on the stairs and cry a lot. Teddy managed to get into every room and chew everything near him meaning quickly eveything of value was put up high!

 2. Puppies have an amazing skill of looking completely innocent

See these photos? These were taken moments before or moments after something was shredded. Turns out "my dog ate my homework" is not a terrible excuse. Something will have been wee-d on, or have been dragged back to his den for a slobbery snuggle.

3. Puppies go from so awake you think they'll never sleep, to completely unconscious and snoring within seconds. 

Obviously the best place to sleep is in a human's bed or snuggled up in a blanket. Apparently this is particularly a miniature pinscher trait. 

4. Putting a puppy in a jumper is the most hilarious things you can do

But what started as a joke, became a serious problem

5. After 5 months, once we had the toilet training nailed and the biting had stopped, it became a dream to own a puppy

My little cutie with my big cutie makes my heart melt a little!

I'm a guitar!

I love our little Teddy, he's brought so much joy to our lives and is such a little pickle! He's a high energy dog and not recommended for first time owners but we took our risks and after lots of tears, arguments and so much love we have a doggy who feels like another member of the family. (he's my furry baby!)


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  1. Your puppy is so cute! I learn something new every day too. In case you're interested I too run a blog and am continually on the hunt for other like-minded people to maybe exchange guest topics for a wider audience. If you have the time, see one of my latest dog reltaed blog posts here- click resources about training your puppy and contact me if you're up for it! No offense if you don't, thankyou


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