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11 Jan 2015

How to grow your hair longer, stronger and quicker

A few people ask me how I grow my hair so long so I thought I'd share my tips for growing your hair with you all. It does take some hard work but if you follow this guide you will grow your hair longer, stronger and quicker. 

Step one: Have a chop! 
Counter-intuitive but if you want to grow your hair, you've probably been trying to grow it for a while and might not have had a hair cut in a while.  I had a big chop in March last year to cut out all my long, wispy layers which were split and made my hair look thin and scraggly.  I'm very precious about my hair, so you can see on my face I'm still in shock but it does make all the difference. 

Step two: book in regular trims
Another important thing to do is to have a couple of millimeters cut off your hair every 12 weeks. This makes sure your split ends don't get too long and keeps your hair looking sleek and soft. 

Step 3: Condition!
I use a lot of conditioner! I regularly use Tresemme Luxurious Moisture shampoo and conditioner. I also use an argan oil whenever my hair is wet on the ends to protect them from heat. My other top secret is to wash your hair at night, squeeze out the extra water and put on loads of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. Comb it through, put it up on a bun, wrap in a warm towel and sleep on it. The next morning, rinse your hair and you'll have super soft hair. I try to do this every time I have a night alone, and do it for a couple of hours in the day whenever I can. 

Step 4: Treat your hair nicely
Try to wash your hair every other day or less to reduce the heat you have to use in drying. I'd also recommend a tangle teaser and cut down (or cut out) using hair straighteners! I have noticed a difference in the condition of my hair since I quit using straighteners and began using heated rollers to style my hair. 

Step 5: Love it!



  1. I had my long hair chopped off in November and its growing back so much healthier. Yours is so long, I'm not sure if mine would ever make it to that length sadly! x

  2. I loved the tip about sleeping with conditioner, I'll need to try that some time! My hair has always been a bit fuzzy, even after I stopped using heat on it a few years ago, so anything helpful smoothing tips are welcome! :)

  3. wow your hair looks absolutely amazing, wil def be following these tips as my hair is v stubborn xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  4. Wish I could have longer hair! So jealous...mine is so weak!! www.clashingtime.co.uk <3

  5. I adore your hair, I wish vould have a long hair too. Hope to see you soon on my blog


  6. I guess my hair was just too fine for this to work well.  (BLACKWOOD)


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