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14 Oct 2014

Christmas Menu Tasting at Coast to Coast Portsmouth

Last week, I was invited with some other bloggers, to sample the new Christmas menu at Coast to Coast restaurant in Portsmouth. It's an American bar and restaurant which I had not come across before so I was really excited to try it out. Here's a quick warning - I LOVE food so I may go a bit over the top! Also apologies for the quality of the photos - there was some serious mood lighting going on meaning my photos aren't as crisp as I'd like.

First we were treated to cocktails made by the very talented Joyce Brabban. They were so delicious and Christmassy themed. The coctails were between £5 and £7 each.

This is the chocolate orange cocktail made with chocolate sauces, orange liqueur and white chocolate round the rim. I enjoyed this one with blogger Sam from Sam Blogs who was really lovely! I enjoyed gossiping all evening long with Sam and her sister Kerri.

We also tried eggnog which I thought I would not enjoy due to the raw egg but it was so delicious! I think it may be my favourite cocktail of the night. You MUST try it!

We also had a hot cinnamon cider one which I didn't like (I hate cinnamon... sorry)

And an orange bucks-fizz style drink which was really crisp and delicious. Perfect for with a meal

After the drinks we began to line our stomachs with food. Andy Hamilton, who designed the Christmas menu came out and introduced us to what he had created. We tried the goats cheese bruschetta starter which was so moreish. I am a huge fan of goats cheese and the mix of sweet cheese and raw red onion was a big winner with me.

Then between courses there was time for some outfit photos obviously! (excuse my flappy hands)

 I'm wearing a sheer pink vest top from Warehouse, peg leg trousers from ASOS and wedge shoe boots from New Look 

We then got on to the roast turkey. It was very traditional but really delicious. The mashed potato was so gorgeous and the gravy tasted like real homemade gravy and not the skinny stuff that is a let down at lots of carveries.

Also on the menu were lots of other things including a maple syrup and bacon burger which looked amazing (the other table had some) and a mushroom risotto for the veggie option.

We finally got served up a huge wedge of Oreo cheesecake with Oreo icecream. This had a base of crushed oreos with lots of oreos in the cheesecake mixture as you can see. It was really yummy and very indulgent but didn't feel too heavy after all the other courses! I managed to find room to finish it!

Finally we were surprised by super-cute snowman cocktails! They had mini oreos for eyes, matchmakers for arms and a real carrot nose! Super indulgent and creamy, these were so yummy you could barely tell they had alcohol in so go easy!

So overall, being a massive cocktail fan I can genuinely say I am sold and will be taking a trip back soon (even just for a round of cocktails). The Christmas menu is £24.95 for 3 courses which is really reasonable and has lots of other options so check out other items on the Christmas menu here if you're interested. It's got me so excited for Christmas I need to have a lie down! I'm off to ASOS to do some Christmas shopping! 

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  1. This look so yummy! I wish I was closer! And those cocktails look super inviting! :)xx


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