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27 Sept 2014

Transitional Dressing Issues!

This time of year gets so awkward when it comes to dressing. I'll find myself freezing in the morning and boiling hot in the afternoon, not knowing what to do with myself! I've found the key to surviving the Autumn/Winter transition is lots of layering! However, layering with basics can be boring, so I have trawled super-cute store Joules to find some alternatives to boring transitional basics.

Tip 1: Always carry a scarf
A thin scarf or wrap can make a huge difference so I carry mine in my handbag all day. The aircon on the train during your commute too cold? Put it over your legs like an old lady! Fancy a snooze in the office? Wrap it around your face and use it to hide! This Jubilee one is gorgeous and has tiny little foxes hidden within the print!

Tip 2 - Tunics are your friends
Tunics were invented for layering! I have been known to wear a vest and a thin jumper under a tunic with a cardigan over the top and skinny jeans! The amount of warmth you can trap underneath is amazing. But when the weather changes and gets warmer, it's easy to nip to the loo, remove all the under layers and come out in a pretty summery dress! I adore the colours and print on this Dark Topaz Floral one, which is great for day-to-night transitions

The same rule applies to jumper dresses and I love this structured one which is more flattering to curvy figures than a regular jumper dress

Tip 3 - Embrace jumpers (especially silly ones)

This is a personal favourite of mine. Always have a jumper to hand to layer up with, especially if it is silly or starts a conversation! I have a Joules dog jumper already which is so thick and snuggly, but this is the new season design and I love it! The design modelled here by Beckydazzler is my one!

But I think Joules should make some with Miniature Pinschers on like my Teddy

Tip 4 - Blouses make transitional workwear easier

A floppy blouse is so easy to style up for this season. I like to wear them loose over skinny jeans with vest tops underneath; or tucked into a thick, high-waisted skirt. Sometimes I even wear tights under jeans with a baggy top over to cover the two waist lines (I am a very cold soul!). This one with birdies on makes a nice change from the basics

Tip 5 - wear some fun jewellery

So this does nothing to keep you warm, but look! A sheep bracelet with fence!

Tip 6 - a jacket is important
All our mums have told us that a jacket is really important, and as I get older I realise mums are right. Tweed will be big soon, and I love the herringbone detail on the lovely ladies tweed jackets in Joules. Plus the cut is super-vintage and feminine. Cute!

What are your transitional dressing tips?

This is a sponsored post, but aren't these items really cute?!


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