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6 Sept 2014

Holiday Blog Post! (photo heavy)

So many photos - very sorry!  As I said in my last blog post about packing light, I went on holiday to Alora in Spain this week and I thought I'd share a photo diary with you

Day 1 - by the pool
It was a super hot day (about 36 degrees) and we were desperate to enjoy it so we had a lie in and spent the day playing by the pool with some lilos. 

I wore ASOS Passionfruit bikini with bandeau top and loopside bottoms which are currently on sale, and Sam wore blue Calvin Klein swimming trunks - £35 The bikini was great, it had a neck strap so the top didn't fall down when playing silly monkeys in the water. 

Evening - 
I loved this dress! It was super slinky and I liked the vintage neckline. It was also stretchy enough to fit in my steak for dinner! Sadly I didn't have the hang on the travel hairdryer so my hair is a bit flat. It was also super hot so I ended up wearing it up the rest of the holiday. 

 Apologies for the quality of the night photos - there wasn't much light. I wore the River Island Bardot dress - £30

Day 2 - Marbella Beach
We were taken to Marbella beach on the second day to get a taste of seaside living. The beach was lovely but the sand was so hot (first world problems)

I wore ASOS leaf print bandeau bikini - £30, Sam wore the same shorts. This bikini was lovely but very small, it was very difficult to swim in and maintain my dignity so it ended up being a lying down only bikini.

Day 3 - the lakes
The lakes near Alora are amazing! They are freshwater and have huge cliffs around which we could jump from. We ended up renting a pedalo for an hour and messing around in the caves and on cliffs (sorry Mum! We were safe!)

 I'm not great with heights which is probably obvious on my face

 Day 3 evening

I wore Mango spot playsuit - £19.99. Again it had an elasticated waist so I could eat lots of Tapas and gin!

Day 4 - by the pool
We decided to spend our last day by the pool, enjoying doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it.

I don't know how the sunlight caught me here, but you can really see my uneven ribs. I used to be quite embarrassed about looking strange, but it's due to my scoliosis spinal fusion operation

playing with cameras!

In the evening I did a rope halo braid. I'll film a tutorial soon on how I did it.

And then I came home. I didn't get a chance to photo all my daytime outfits because I spent most the day swimming and attempting to play water vollyball with Sam!

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