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24 Sept 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends and Meeting The Saturdays

On Monday 22nd, I was invited down to Bournemouth's BIC to see the Saturdays and get an experience of the new Garnier Ultimate Blends range which they are the spokes models for. We arrived early and were whisked away to our own Garnier pampering room. 

The range caters for 6 specific hair types and each member of the band has their own specific line. Rochelle uses The Sleek Restorer for dry/frizzy hair, Una likes The Colour Illuminator for coloured hair to keep her red shade fresh,  Vanessa endorses The Nourishing Repairer for very dry/damaged hair, Molly uses The Silky Smoother range to prevent split ends and Frankie uses The Shine Revitaliser for normal hair. They also have The Marvelous Transformer for dry, dull hair (as if any of The Saturdays would ever have dull hair!). The diagnosis given to my hair was I needed The Silky Smoother range for long hair with split ends - spot on! This range comes with a polishing scrub which exfoliates hair to get rid of the appearance of split ends!  

At the event, the Garnier team did our hair for us. I requested a vintage-inspired big hair but with a modern twist and let the lovely stylist get on with it (I'm so sorry, I forgot your name!). She delivered this amazing swept, volumous hair using back combing, and The Sleek Restorer Oil for finishing the ends. There is an oil in a couple of the ranges for different hair types.

Here I am wearing ASOS Tall cropped trousers - £22, TFNC lace crop top - £28, with ASOS bandeau underneath - £5, tReds Iris Cranberry heels - £26.99 and MAC lipstick in Girl About Town

I also brought along Emily who was the VIP ticket giveaway winner. She also had her hair transformed into a volumous curly style

Strangely, we managed to wear almost the same outfit! It was not intentional but we ended up looking almost like sisters!

We were then surprised with signed bags from The Saturdays

And then the girls came in to meet us! They were really lovely, ever so petite (I'm 5'10") and just absolutely beautiful. They said Emily smelt amazing and had great boobs! As you can see I actually touched Vanessa and Molly!!! I managed to hold it together thought and acted totally cool, whilst inside I was going "OH MY GOD THE SATURDAYS KNOW I EXIST!". I am SO cool right? Plus, look at their beautiful hair! Molly is my hair icon

After our experience, we settled down to watch their show which was brilliant! I didn't realise how much The Saturdays had played a part in almost all my nights out and most of my car singing until I was dancing along and knew every song!

Thank you so much to Garnier Ultimate Backstage for sending us and thank you to The Saturdays for such a great night out!



  1. What a fab evening, your hair looks gorgeous!
    xxx Claire

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